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Marisa's experience in Peru: "I have met great people with infinite generosity"

Marisa's experience in Peru: "I have met great people with infinite generosity"

«At first I found myself strange, in a place that was not I knew, it was a little difficult for me to integrate with the other volunteers, I am very shy and one of the challenges was this.

Marisa in the center of Cusco

The first week I went morning and afternoon.

In the morning he taught a pre-adolescent girl to read and write and in the afternoon he was in the library helping with study work.

Then I got the Guaguacha family, the youngest and the truth is that although they are a bit of a mess, I was delighted.

The second week was improving, I was already more integrated, I did not go to class in the morning, I was a little tired and I wanted to know something about the city and surroundings, that week in the afternoon I had a playroom and in exceptions I also helped with the work study.

What I liked the most was receiving the signs of affection, the hugs, the kisses... and knowing that I was helping some people in their studies, their problems, and contributing that small grain of sand in their development.

I have selfishly brought a lot of affection, a lot of love and the awareness that what we see on TV and in the newspapers is true and I have met great people with infinite generosity.

The people of the project are people mVery friendly, very nice and they helped you with what you needed.»

Marisa, volunteer at the cusco project, in June 2015 

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