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Experiential course on Sustainable Development Goals and Solidarity Entrepreneurship

This online training will change your life!

You will travel to 8 different countries without leaving your couch.

  • Kenya
  • India
  • Peru
  • Nepal
  • Bolivia
  • Cambodia
  • Thailand
  • Indonesia

Learn about the 17 SDGs in an experiential way


You will learn how the 18 Tumaini projects are striving to meet the SDGs.


Person who will change the world after this training (You)

We solve your doubts:

What does the course involve?

This is an experiential course where you will learn more about the Sustainable Development Goals of UNESCO's 2030 Agenda, through real cases, which are the realities that Tumaini Projects face on a daily basis.

What are Tumaini projects?

They are 18 NGOs from Africa, Asia and the Americas working in areas as diverse as education, environment and animal welfare and which we know first-hand. We will work with real practical cases, through videos with stories told by the founders and coordinators of our projects, where they will explain how they deal on a daily basis with problems such as hunger, poverty, climate change, etc..

What is special about the course?

You are going to learn more about the SDGs through the Tumaini Projects. You will learn not only the theory of each of the SDGs, but you will also travel to the different destinations to find out how they face these problems first hand and how they fight to change these realities. For example, in SDG 5, which deals with gender equality, the director of one of the Tumaini projects in Kenya, which takes in girls who are rescued from child marriage, genital mutilation, etc., will explain what it's like to be a woman in Kenya and how they struggle to change these practices that are so deeply rooted in part of the population. We also have Bayu, the director of a Tumaini project in Indonesia who has been fighting for more than 20 years to prevent deforestation in her country. With Andrea, we will travel to the Bolivian jungle to learn more about the problems with wildlife in Bolivia and how they struggle to offer a better life to the animals they rescue. With Yeni we will travel to Peru to understand how poverty affects people of Quechua origin. With Govinda to Nepal to learn more about organic farming. With Arti we'll visit India to see a Fair Trade project in the city of Varanasi, etc. 

Since you can't travel right now, we think it's a good way to travel and learn from your couch.

What is social and solidarity entrepreneurship?

You will choose an SDG and one of our NGOs and develop a project to implement it. We also offer the possibility of making a solidarity trip to set up the project in the field (option valid for certain projects, dates and depending on the budget, as the solidarity trip is not included in the cost of this training).

Can I only do the course or do I also have to do the Solidarity Entrepreneurship?

We have two modalities:

1- Experiential course on the SDGs without Solidarity entrepreneurship: There are 20 hours. In each of the themes, there is a theoretical part, quizzes, interviews with Tumaini projects to bring you closer to their realities and a Debate Forum.

2- Experiential course on the SDGs + Solidarity Entrepreneurship: You would have to add 20 more hours, i.e. this option is 40 hours. It includes an Entrepreneurship Programme in which you will choose an ODS and a Tumaini Project and we will think of an improvement to implement in that project. Depending on the project, resources, profile, etc., you will be able to travel to the destination to implement all this in the field.

What is the price of each modality?

We have an introductory offer, the experiential course on the SDGs costs 120€ and if you want it with entrepreneurship they would be 240 €.

Can I take the course at any time?

Yes, the first edition starts on 1 October but you can register after this date.

How long do I have to take the course?

We are flexible, you decide the number of hours you can dedicate depending on your availability.

What is its format?

The course has a theoretical part and interviews with Tumaini projects where you will travel to learn about their different realities. Apart from that, we will provide resources for you to delve deeper into each of the themes, there will be quiz and in each of the themes, you will take part in the Forums for Reflection and Action to share impressions with your course mates, discuss problems and solutions, etc. and we will make some webinars to learn about initiatives of organizations working on the basis of these SDGs.

I am a teacher or a student, can I do it in my school?

Of course, we can provide the training for your centre. We are sure you will have a great positive impact. Write to us at for more information.

If I choose the first option, can I extend later to do the solidarity venture?

Yes, you can choose the option without the venture and expand later.

Through which platform will the course be held?

Access will be through our website and will be carried out via a platform of Moodle which is one of the best known e-learning platforms.

I am interested, how do I pay?

Payment will be made by bank transfer.

Welcome to this journey where you will learn more about other realities and about the importance of the Sustainable Development Goals without leaving your couch 🙂

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