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Discover Mexico

The vitality of its people, flavours and landscapes are the characteristics travelers to Mexico highlight the most. Mexico is bordered by two oceans and the Caribbean Sea and its beaches are pure delight.

Why do we like Mexico?

Fiesta, tradition, flavour and fun, Oaxaca has it all. It is impossible not to fall in love with this Mexican state.

The old quarter of its capital, Oaxaca de Juárez, is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the beauty of its architecture, traditions and culture are proof of this recognition.

The history and legacy of ancient civilisations remains latent in its archaeological sites. You will discover cities that were once inhabited by great cultures such as the Mixtec and Zapotec.

Its beaches stand out for their beauty and are a favourite with surfers. There you will enjoy a bohemian and carefree atmosphere.

Finally, Oaxacan gastronomy is internationally renowned for its delicious flavours. You can't miss the mole negro, tasajo, quesillo and tlayudas, and of course, the mezcal.

What happens to turtles?

Sea turtles are an endangered species. They face problems such as the loss of their nesting sites due to coastal erosion, destruction of their nests by hunters who steal and sell their eggs, indiscriminate fishing and lack of awareness. In this project, we need your help to protect the eggs and biodiversity of the area.

Sea turtles fulfil important ecological functions such as maintaining the dynamics of coral reefs. In addition, by feeding on jellyfish, they control the growth of this species.

The work carried out within the solidarity trip with turtles in Mexico helps to preserve this species and its habitat by building nurseries, cleaning beaches and relocating nests.

CAPITAL: Mexico City
POPULATION:  127.8 million inhabitants


CURRENCY: Mexican Peso

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