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Discover Indonesia

Indonesia is the land of infinite islands with more than 17,000 islands. With more than 300 different languages and cultures, it is impossible not to be surprised. There are so many cultures, unique plant and animal species, wonderful landscapes with volcanoes, paradise beaches, and different foods that it seems like dozens of countries in one.

What happens to animals and forests in Indonesia?

Indonesia is a country of incredible natural beauty with over 1,000 species of birds and more than 500 mammals (including orangutan, rhino, tiger, elephant). There are 50 national parks, six of which have been designated as World Heritage Sites.

However, throughout Indonesia, endemic birds are threatened with extinction due to poaching and wildlife trade. The country has the second highest number of threatened birds in the world. It is also estimated that Indonesia has lost more than 72% of its primary forest, and that deforestation is proceeding at a rate of 2.4 million hectares per year. The project we work with, is fighting to change all this.

Why a school reinforcement project in Bali?

For many people, Bali is one of the most interesting islands in all of Indonesia. In terms of tourism, it is the most visited island in the whole country and the reality is that much of the income from tourism stays in the hands of very few people, and many of them are not locals. Poorer children often have access to low-quality education however, the centre we work with is trying to bridge this gap by offering free daily classes in English, maths and computer skills.

CAPITAL: Jakarta
POPULATION:  259.9 Million
CURRENCY: Indonesian rupiah

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