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Maria's three-month experience in the jungle of Iquitos To travel in solidarity to discover parts of yourself that you don't know, to reconnect with yourself, with your values and to get to know realities that are distant to you but with which you have always felt interest and pain in equal parts. Taking the step makes many things in you change, the way you see the world, how you face a problem, how you take different situations philosophically or feel grateful for everything you have around you. That is exactly what

"Children are born with wings, and teachers help them to fly" - Narmín's experience in Peru Vocational educator, tireless traveller and adventurer. That's Narmín Chabaan, a girl who loves sports, meditation and a healthy lifestyle, but above all she loves to be part of solidarity projects, to fight actively to create a better world and to spread that desire to others. When she contacted Tumaini for the first time, she shared with us her main goal for which she had chosen to become a volunteer

A volunteer with boys and girls at the educational center in Peru. In Peru, 21.8% of boys and girls cannot be what they are: children. And it is that this country is the one that leads the ranking of child labor in all of Latin America, followed by Bolivia and Paraguay. Says the 2018 report on child labor of the International Labor Organization. On the International Day against Child Labor from Tumaini we want to send a clear message: enough is enough! Those are the numbers, but how do you live?

Fernando with another volunteer at the little school in Peru. No crowded streets. No tourists taking photos everywhere. Taking a charity trip outside the summer period is becoming more and more common! Fernando Jiménez has collaborated in the little school in Cusco between November and December 2018. He has met several volunteers with whom he was "warm from day one" and he has loved his relationship with the boys and girls. How was the day to day in the project? The volunteers

Nerea during her voluntary work in Iquitos.they say that a solidarity trip gets you hooked and that, if you try it, you can't stop travelling. Nerea has experienced something similar. First she travelled to India. Then to Kenya. And now she has just returned from Iquitos, Peru, with Enric, her partner. She has collaborated in a little school for children with few resources and has learned to live with very little and to "totally connect with nature"... Did you imagine the project like this? no, it was much better than I expected! The

Open your eyes! Any corner of Lima can surprise you. Is it the first time you travel to Peru? Do you land in Lima and don't know how to start moving around the city? After several trips around the country, we give you 8 keys to acclimatize as quickly as possible. 1) Money The currency of Peru is the nuevo sol, and the approximate exchange rate is 3.60 - 3.80 nuevos soles per euro. We recommend you take a part in cash (euros and/or dollars) for the first few days and then withdraw money from the ATM

One of the children from the NGO in Cusco "To experience new sensations. Develop affection. Understand other realities. Adapt to a way of life that is not mine. Solving unforeseen events". That and much more was Noelia's solidarity trip to the educational project with Quechua-speaking children in Cusco: "I got to know the Peru that I wanted to discover. From 3.30 to 4.30 p.m. we helped them with their homework, and, if they had any

Cristina during her solidarity trip to PeruWhen we visited Peru for the first time, we had an obsession: visiting Machu Picchu. And the experience was incredible, but... Now that we have traveled the country of the Incas several times, we can say it: there are other places that are MUCH worth it and that, in addition, are not so exploited, so you can visit them with peace of mind and no crowds. We share our 8 favorites!1 Guided tour of CuscoThere are many companies that organize guided tours of the historic center of Cusco. We did a Free Tour

Silvia with one of the girls from the school - art workshop. What is an ordinary day like for a volunteer in Peru? Silvia Lavado collaborated for a month with both the kids from Cusco and Lamay. He tells us in detail about the small daily adventures that are experienced in the project and confesses to us what he liked most about the experience: "the little family that the volunteers become". school-art workshop. He

Itziar with one of the girls from the project.Itziar has just returned from her first volunteering outside of Spain and her experience can be summed up in one word: “learn”. He has collaborated for a month with the youngest boys and girls (the “wawachas”) of the little solidarity school in Cusco, Peru. And he liked it so much that he is already thinking about his next solidarity trip. Why did you choose Peru? When choosing a destination, he was not at all clear. I hesitated between Kenya, India, Mexico, etc. But Almu of Tumaini

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