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Frequently asked questions

In Tumaini we will always solve your doubts in a personalised way, here you can find the most frequent ones.

Frequently asked questions

It is normal that before enrolling in an experience of this kind you may have a thousand doubts, don't worry, we'll help you to find the best solution! we will be by your side to solve them! We know the projects first hand,that's why we understand the likely questions that may arise in your mind and will be happy to answer them 馃檪

About Tumaini

What percentage of my contribution goes to the projects?

Tumaini is not a simple intermediary, we work as an extension of the projects from Spain making sure that we grow together, that is, between 60% and 80% of our time is dedicated to the projects: looking for volunteers to support them, spreading the word about their work, looking for funds to cover their economic needs, etc.

How can I be sure that Tumaini offers responsible volunteering?

For several reasons:

  • We have visited, evaluated and collaborated with all the projects we work with, so they are all 100% safe, reliable, transparent, with real impact and suitable for hosting volunteers.
  • In addition, we have built strong links with the local NGO coordinators and have almost daily communication with them. Thus, we are kept up to date with their evolution and needs.
  • Many of our partner projects have impact reports.
  • Volunteers support local NGO staff, but never replace them.
  • All tasks performed by volunteers can be carried out without specific training or experience (except for English classes).
  • We always try to get people with specific skills to work with local staff to provide them with different tools that they can put into practice in their daily lives.
  • We ask for a criminal record certificate from all persons who are going to collaborate in educational projects.
  • All volunteers must complete a mandatory online training before travelling. This is the only way to ensure that they have the basic information they need to adapt to the country and to help in the right way. In addition, we make them aware that their trip is environmentally, culturally and animal friendly.
  • All the projects we collaborate with have a local coordinator who follows up the volunteers.
What advice do you offer?

We accompany you in the preparation of your trip, follow you up while you are in the field and evaluate you once you return. Specifically, we offer:

  • Search and advice on the solidarity trip that best fits each profile, needs and characteristics.
  • All the information about the project and volunteering.
  • Advice on how to purchase the flight, and advice on visa, vaccinations, insurance and volunteer preparation.
  • Advice on what to pack in your backpack, project rules, and places to visit near the NGOs.
  • Civil liability and accident insurance.
  • Attention by mail or telephone as many times as you need.
  • Online training course on the reality of the countries you are going to visit and on responsible tourism.
  • On request and if possible, we can put you in contact with other people who are going to travel on the same dates, or with other people who have already collaborated in the project to solve your doubts.
  • Final evaluation of volunteering.
What does the training course consist of?

The training course is very important for Tumaini, as the people who are going to travel learn about the reality of the countries they are going to visit and also some keys to travel in a more responsible way. All the people who travel with Tumaini have to finish it before they leave, as this way we make sure that they will get the most out of the experience. It is an 18-hour online course that you can take whenever and wherever you want.

Why do we have to pay?

A volunteer trip is an awareness-raising trip. The person who benefits most from it is the person who travels. He or she receives accompaniment, documentation, advice, a local coordinator, a volunteer programme, follow-up, evaluation, etc. You never pay for volunteering, but you do pay for all these services.

The cost of your volunteer travel includes the management costs of both the local NGO and the platform that facilitates your volunteering:

  • The local NGO: arranges accommodation, often airport pick-up for volunteers, meals, etc.
  • The platform that facilitates your volunteer travel: Searches for the volunteer project that best fits your profile and advises you on travel arrangements.

For example, at Tumaini we have visited and assessed all projects to ensure that they are reliable and suitable. In addition, we advise the person who is travelling on the management of vaccinations, visa, insurance, places to visit, etc. We are always available for any questions you may have, we put you in contact with other people who are going to travel on the same dates, we advise you if you have any initiative to make it suitable for the project, etc. All of this involves many hours of work, which we cover with the small contribution of all the travellers 馃檪

For more information on why you have to pay for volunteer travel, see this post.

Before travelling

Can I talk to people who have already participated?

Yes! This is one of the things we are most often asked by people who are preparing their solidarity trip. This is a 100% voluntary initiative from the "veteran" travelers' side, who offer to share their experiences with those who are going to travel. We would provide you with the telephone number of the person in question so you can ask them all your doubts.

Is there an age limit for a solidarity trip?

The minimum age is 18, unless you are accompanied by an adult. In that case, each project has a minimum age to start collaborating, which ranges from 5 to 12 years old. Contact us for more information!

As for the age limit, there is no such thing! We have travellers of all ages. In some projects, you need to be in optimal physical condition to volunteer, but don't worry because we make sure that the project fits the characteristics of each person.

Can I travel if I am not from Spain?

Yes, you can travel from anywhere in the world. The only requirement is that you understand Spanish, as Tumaini's mandatory online training is in this language. Remember that at Tumaini we only organise your volunteering in projects in the South. You have to buy your own flight ticket and tourist activities.

Can I travel as a minor?

Only if accompanied by an adult. To go alone, you must be 18 years old.

During the Journey

Does it include travel insurance?

No. Tumaini provides civil liability and accident insurance covering only the hours you are volunteering. In order to have medical assistance outside the hours you are on the project, you have to obtain your own travel insurance which is compulsory for all Tumaini travelers.

Is travel insurance compulsory?

Yes, it is compulsory and essential if you travel through Tumaini. If you don't know which company to choose, we recommend you one that is also a solidarity company! If you have your own insurance or you prefer to choose another one, just go ahead!

Do I need a visa to travel?

In many countries in Asia and Africa you will need a visa. The process, time and price of the visa depends on the country you are visiting and the length of your stay. Don't worry, we will help you with all the paperwork.

Can I travel with my family?

Of course you can! Volunteer travel is a beautiful experience to share as a family. At Tumaini we have organised trips for entire families, fathers or mothers with their children, aunties, and uncles with nephews and nieces, and even for grandparents with their grandchildren... All the experiences have been positive and have left unique memories to cherish forever.

In the case of minors, it is only possible for them to travel if they have a minimum age to learn and enjoy their volunteer trip. The age depends on the project and ranges from 5 to 12 years old. Write to us for more information!

Is it necessary to have specific training in order to undertake a solidarity trip?

This is not necessary. You just need to be fluent in English for projects in Asia and Africa. There is a suitable volunteer trip for everyone - we will help you find it! However, it is essential that you are open-minded, tolerant, willing to learn and help, flexible and a good team player.

It is true that in educational projects, education and pedagogy professionals do a great job, as do veterinarians in volunteer travels with animals. But the volunteer tasks in the trips we offer are generic and can be carried out by anyone: games, school reinforcement, recreational activities, cleaning beaches, preparing food for rescued animals, etc.

Can I go on a long-stay solidarity trip?

Yes, of course! There is no time limit on projects. In fact, the longer you volunteer, the more you will learn and the more useful it will be for the NGO, as you will be more familiar with the country, the project and the local needs.

Is the trip in a group?

At Tumaini we offer both individual and group volunteer trips. Sometimes we are contacted by people who are travelling alone and are looking for companions for their volunteer travel. In this case, we put them in contact, if possible, with other people who are going to travel on the same dates. Other times, there are travellers who prefer to live the experience alone. This is also fine, as the projects are in safe places and it is most likely that they will meet other volunteers there.

If you are a group and you want to make a solidarity trip together, welcome! We will look for the project that best suits your needs and we will do our best to make you live the solidarity experience of your lives.

I have never travelled alone, will I meet other people who are also travelling alone?

It depends on the time of year and the project, but most probably yes. If it is important for you to overlap with other volunteers in the project, consult with the Tumaini team and they will advise you on the most suitable volunteer travel.

Most of the projects we work with are small. Depending on the NGO, there can be between 3 and 30 volunteers.

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