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Travel and volunteer

Tumaini's solidarity trips are awareness-raising experiences full of learning, cultural immersion and caring. A different way of getting to know the reality of a country and the local culture, while raising awareness of social and environmental issues.

Individual solidarity trip

The idea is to travel to a country in the South and spend a few hours a day volunteering in an NGO. We collaborate with social, educational, environmental and animal projects. In addition, the volunteer usually stays in the same NGO, so the benefit of his or her stay and maintenance contributes to the project being self-sustainable.

Most NGOs are open all year round, so you can travel whenever you want. However, the minimum collaboration in most projects is two weeks, as we consider that this is the minimum time a person needs to acclimatise to the new country, get to know the project and be able to contribute.

Family solidarity trip to Thailand

Solidarity trip with the family

It is about collaborating with a project in a country in the South as a group, together with your loved ones. We adapt the solidarity trip to the characteristics of each family. and we found the most suitable project for them. 

Some families decide to make a solidarity trip together when their children are already teenagers. Others prefer to do it when they are children, as it is an opportunity for them to have a valuable pedagogical experience where they learn values such as solidarity, equality and companionship. Sometimes, nature destinations are chosen so that children learn to protect nature, respect animals, etc. In educational projects, on the other hand, children live with other children from other countries, participate in the same activities and make incredible friendships. 

The minimum age to participate in a solidarity trip depends on each project, and varies from project to project. from 5 to 14 years old

Solidarity trip with friends

A solidarity trip with friends is one of the most fun and unforgettable experiences you will ever have!. The preparation, the volunteering, the fun moments, the anecdotes, the cultural immersion, the excursions... the whole experience unites and generates indelible memories. 

From Tumaini, We will advise you on the most suitable solidarity trip for you. for your group of friends. It will depend on how many of you there are, what your characteristics and interests are, and, of course, where your help can be most useful. The dynamics will be the same: travel and stay in the same NGO and spend a few hours a day volunteering in the project. 

If you are a single person but you would like to make your solidarity trip in a group, please contact us! In Tumaini we put in contact people who want to collaborate with us on the same dates so they can talk and travel together if they want. We have seen many great friendships develop! 

Solidarity honeymoons

A solidarity trip is the perfect experience before starting the adventure of living as a couple. You will disconnect from routine and experience very special situations with your life partner.

Tumaini will help you choose the project and the country that best suits your profile and preferences. In each destination we also tell you about the nearby places you can visit, since, in addition to dedicating your time to volunteering, you will have free days to get to know the country and the culture that surrounds you.

You will undoubtedly take away snapshots that will remain for posterity.

What are the benefits of solidarity travel?

Tumaini's solidarity trips are awareness-raising experiences filled with learning, cultural immersion and solidarity. It is a different way of getting to know the reality of a country and the local culture, while at the same time raising awareness of social and environmental issues.

Undoubtedly, the main beneficiary is the traveller, who returns with a backpack full of indelible memories and new knowledge. 

Through solidarity trips and volunteer travel, people put knowledge into practice, develop skills - collaboration, public speaking, creativity, flexibility, initiative... -.

Unforgettable friendships are made and fears are overcome: fears of traveling alone, of adapting to a new environment, of not knowing how to express oneself well in another language, of not being useful to an organisation.....

In a nutshell: solidarity travel makes you grow.

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