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At Tumaini we work for empowering small NGOs in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Through the membership fee we can guarantee the continuity of the local work of these NGOs, and they are the ones who strengthen their community and develop their resources.

In addition, with your monthly commitment, we can maintain a minimum organisational structure in Tumaini to continue volunteering and collaborating with these projects.

We have a close relationship with workers and beneficiaries of the projects with which we collaborate. This is not just financial support, we are part of their growth and we accompany them in the design of their development.

From €3 a month you can help change the lives of many people. Join the Tumaini community?

What do we make possible with the help of partners?

Since 2013 we have seen our NGOs grow in the 8 countries we work with: Kenya, Peru, Bolivia, Nepal, India, Thailand, Cambodia and Indonesia.

  • They attend to more beneficiaries: more women empowered, more children and young people in vulnerable situations receive educational, health and food support, and more endangered animals and natural areas are cared for and protected. 
  • They set in motion new initiatives: a mobile children's bookshop in India, a training centre for organic farming in Nepal, a new kitchen for street children in Kenya...
  • Improve their facilities or expand their local teams, hiring new professionals.

 With your help, we will ensure that the educational, environmental and animal protection projects with which we collaborate continue to move forward.

What are the advantages of Tumaini membership?

  • Through the monthly newsletter you will receive regular information on how Tumaini projects, news and solidarity events are evolving.
  • You participate in the choice of project to which we donate the annual collection of Tumaini members.
  • You have priority in the seat allocation when you want to go on a solidarity trip (subject to availability)
  • We will send you the Welcome Kit Tumaini ♥

We are committed to:

  • Transparency 100%. You will have detailed information on where we donate your contribution.
  • In addition, you will receive the Tumaini Annual Report with details of all our activities and accounts.
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