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Nuria's experience travelling in a group and discovering Kenya in a responsible way. Fear of travelling alone, of not knowing how to get along in a country new to you, of messing up, of wanting to go back home because you feel you are out of your comfort zone. Who hasn't felt like that at some point? As they say, everything in life has a solution, so at Tumaini we decided to give solidarity group travel combined with responsible tourism a chance to get to know the country.

"Children are born with wings, and teachers help them to fly" - Narmín's experience in Peru Vocational educator, tireless traveller and adventurer. That's Narmín Chabaan, a girl who loves sports, meditation and a healthy lifestyle, but above all she loves to be part of solidarity projects, to fight actively to create a better world and to spread that desire to others. When she contacted Tumaini for the first time, she shared with us her main goal for which she had chosen to become a volunteer

Did you know that solidarity projects can also be carried out in educational centers? Schools, secondary schools or vocational training centers may be connected to places as remote as an orphanage in Kenya, a small neighborhood in Cuzco, in Peru, or a town on the banks of the Amazon River. This is the transformative experience that since 2019 Tumaini has had the opportunity to develop with CIFP Ciudad de Zamora. Young people of all ages have been carrying out solidarity activities and events throughout the year with the aim of

Fernando with another volunteer at the little school in Peru. No crowded streets. No tourists taking photos everywhere. Taking a charity trip outside the summer period is becoming more and more common! Fernando Jiménez has collaborated in the little school in Cusco between November and December 2018. He has met several volunteers with whom he was "warm from day one" and he has loved his relationship with the boys and girls. How was the day to day in the project? The volunteers

Silvia with one of the girls from the school - art workshop. What is an ordinary day like for a volunteer in Peru? Silvia Lavado collaborated for a month with both the kids from Cusco and Lamay. He tells us in detail about the small daily adventures that are experienced in the project and confesses to us what he liked most about the experience: "the little family that the volunteers become". school-art workshop. He

Itziar with one of the girls from the project.Itziar has just returned from her first volunteering outside of Spain and her experience can be summed up in one word: “learn”. He has collaborated for a month with the youngest boys and girls (the “wawachas”) of the little solidarity school in Cusco, Peru. And he liked it so much that he is already thinking about his next solidarity trip. Why did you choose Peru? When choosing a destination, he was not at all clear. I hesitated between Kenya, India, Mexico, etc. But Almu of Tumaini

When Gerard decided to travel to Peru to collaborate with the education of children with few resources, he did not imagine that he would be back so soon. His idea was to make a solidarity trip for a month. He lived 30 days full of adventures, artistic activities and, above all, a lot of dialogue between children, family members and volunteers. When he was going to return, they offered him to stay on the project as coordinator. And so he did. Now, just landed in Cusco, he tells us how he lived the experience. we wish you a lot

Lucas has just experienced his first solidarity trip in Peru with Tumaini. He is 18 years old. The first time we met in Madrid, he told me that, before starting university, he wanted to collaborate in a social project in another country. During the trip, he could think about what career to study and how he wanted to direct his life. I was surprised by his maturity and his enthusiasm for making a solidarity trip. He was very young, but he was very clear that it was time to collaborate and get to know a reality different from his own. After talking

Ana studies Tourism and History at the Juan Carlos I University in Madrid and decided to do her university internship with us at the educational center we support in Cusco. From there he tells us about his experience: "It all started through the internship platform at my university. I remember that morning when I clicked on the button to "send my internship application" and a little square that said Viajes Tumaini. I didn't know everything I was expecting. I received an email from Almudena and Mónica

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