Intercultural workshops

Intercultural workshops

Travel virtually and learn about other cultures with Tumaini - are you coming?

In this virtual workshop you will learn more about how to be happy. You will learn more about the Tibetan culture and their worldview to achieve happiness. It is in English and 100% supportive.

On this journey to happiness, you will learn more about the Tibetan culture and its keys to happiness. Taught by Yeshi Lhundupa Tibetan and co-founder of a Tumaini project in India which promotes education, cultural awareness and shares Tibetan values in peace, harmony and compassion. She has been teaching workshops on happiness since 2018. She will soon release her first book "Compassion + Wisdom = Happiness".

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Get to know the Tibetan culture and embark on this journey to happiness, fancy joining us?

In this virtual workshop, in English and 100% supportive, you will connect with the Maasai culture and learn more about some of the traditional Kenyan and/or Ugandan vegetarian dishes (can be adapted to vegans/vegetarians).

This workshop will be given by Edwina Kwallah, a Maasai woman, the director of a Tumaini project in Kenya who works with foster girls. Edwina will explain the different ethnicities in Kenya, its large cultural diversity and will share Maasai practices and traditions first hand. You will also learn how to cook delicious Swahili or Ugandan recipes (in collaboration with Travelleating).

You can find all the details at Entradium.

Get to know the Masai culture and learn new recipes without leaving home. Are you in?

A virtual workshop that will "teleport" you to the Peruvian Amazon rainforest and learn more about the nutrition and superfoods that can be found there. Workshop 100% supportive and in Spanish.

A superfood is a food that stands out for its nutritional and beneficial properties for the body. In this workshop, you will learn first-hand about the superfoods that the Peruvian rainforest gives us, their benefits and characteristics. Taught by Maria Pia Desulovich, Peruvian nutritionist and co-founder of a Tumaini project in Peru which promotes free education for a population at risk of social exclusion in the Peruvian Amazon.

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Do you dream of getting to know the jungle? Here is your chance, and without leaving the sofa, fancy joining us?

Would you like to offer these workshops to your staff or to your students and teachers?

If you are a company, association, foundation, institution, town council, school, college, university, school, etc. and you would like to offer something different, that refreshes and adds value to your proposals, as well as offering a commitment to solidarity, here are our workshops! With them you will be able to:

  • Discover a new culture from a local.
  • Breaking down prejudices and stereotypes, enriching oneself by broadening perspectives and working on interculturality.
  • Discover and develop new skills and abilities.

Don't miss this opportunity! To maximise the use of the workshops, places are limited!

This is made for you. To nurture the CSR of your company, to complete your knowledge as an organisation, to stimulate and improve the training of your students and the empathy of your teachers, to complete the perspective of your institution or to increase the offer of services to the citizens of your city council. 

We also fully customize our workshops. If you need it, we can create a 00% tailor-made workshop for your organization. Tell us what you are looking for and we will offer you just what you want. Let's talk!

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