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What is Tumaini

We are an NGO that connects volunteers with development projects in Asia, Africa and Latin America. We have been working since 2013 to provide transformative experiences that foster exchange, enhance learning and raise awareness of social and environmental issues by integrating the SDGs into our programmes. We also work to empower the small local NGOs with which we collaborate. We have been managing an International Cooperation project in Nepal since 2019.

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Our values

At Tumaini we believe in the power of solidarity trips. When we travel we open our minds and give the best of ourselves. If we combine travel and volunteering, a transformative experience emerges that changes our perspective on life and, at the same time, strengthens small NGOs.


The Tumaini team has visited and evaluated all the NGOs we work with in the field. This is the only way we can guarantee that they are suitable genuine projects for volunteering.


Our team, our accounts, our actions, our stances... All the relevant information about our project is public and accessible on our website!


We accompany travellers before, during and after their solidarity trips to ensure that they have a transformative and empowering experience.


We are not an intermediary between volunteers and NGOs, but we support them when they have special needs or emergencies - for us it is essential to contribute to their growth and improvement!


We are 100% committed to the dissemination of responsible tourism: we give talks in high schools and universities, write posts and articles, and train our travellers before the trip.

Tumaini Commitment

In addition to managing a project in Nepal. We support our NGO partners through crowdfunding campaigns, organisation of events and participation in competitions and grants.

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