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Bea's experience in Kenya: "They teach you more than you teach them"

Bea's experience in Kenya: "They teach you more than you teach them"

My experience was collaborating in a Kenyan orphanage founded by a couple from there, where they have welcomed 40 orphaned children and have also founded a school which in turn is attended by more children from the town. I went with a friend from Madrid and I have to say that it has been the best experience of my life. 

In the orphanage you can help in various ways, helping to teach school classes, help them with homework, teach them new things, play with them, help them with food and homework, etc.

When we went, it was exam time so we couldn't help much in class.

We were studying with them, teaching them things and above all playing, taking them for a walk, we take them on excursions, the town, etc. 

In short, we try to ensure that they have the best possible time, that they enjoy each day, help them as much as possible and that they receive all of our dear.

Bea with one of the girls from the center

the truth that they teach you more things than you teach them, for how they value everything, even things that here may seem insignificant to us and to see how excited they were about anything we did with them.

Julius and Tabitha are the founders of the orphanage and they are lovely, they have treated us at all times as if we were family, the people there are very grateful.

Is a unforgetable experience which I recommend. Anything that is done, however small it may seem to them, is of great help.

What I liked the most was being able to share my days with the children of the orphanage. I have been moved to see how children who have nothing, neither materials nor a family that loves them, are so happy with so little, they are so grateful and with how little they settle. Living in a culture so different from ours has changed my life and it has made me appreciate certain things here much more.
It is a trip in which you do not see the tourist side but you live with them, with their customs and you experience a vacation in a totally different sense.

What I liked the least is thinking that I may not see them again, which makes me very sad. I also did not like having been able to go for so few days, it is worth going for at least a month.

I recommend this trip and hopefully I can come back in the future!

Bea and Helena with the girls from the center

 bea, Volunteer at school and orphanage in Kenya, in April 2015

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