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Ana and Laura's experience in Kenya: A different summer full of emotions

Ana and Laura's experience in Kenya: A different summer full of emotions

Laura and Ana collaborated on the Nairobi orphanage and school during the past month of July. They carried out many activities and were able to share unforgettable moments with the boys and girls of the center. This is his experience in this Solidarity Trip told by they.

Ana: »The children have gone through a difficult life and you always see them with a smile»

Laura and Ana with some children from the center

«For me, it has been the most beautiful trip I have ever taken. Kenya is a beautiful country. Every day I collaborated in class with the teachers. On some occasions they let me teach math, science, etc. In addition, we helped to correct the tasks. In the afternoons, he helped the children with their homework. I went scouting with them and we had a great time. Last Monday, since I was already part of the scouts, they let me raise the Kenyan flag. It was super pretty.

On weekends, they let us hang out with them around (they love to go out and play), and at night, movie. I took the laptop with some movies so the kids could watch them. They laughed and had a lot of fun.

We were able to give them clothes, toothbrushes, school supplies, backpacks, etc. They are super grateful.

At first it is hard to see the conditions not only in which the children find themselves, but the country in general. But thanks to this trip I am more aware of reality. I am looking forward to next summer and repeat. Truly, this trip has changed my life.

 LWhat I liked the most is being with the children. Each one is different and has something special. I couldn't say which one is my favourite, because they are all great. They have gone through a difficult life, and still, you always see them with their smile day and night. They are children who need a lot of affection, so I did not stop giving them kisses and hugs to make them feel loved. The girls told me that I was like their big sister, so I acted like it. Without a doubt, the best thing was being with them, laughing with them, playing, dancing, singing… Part of my heart is there with them, with my little sisters and little brothers. I take thousands of photos, videos and letters with me to never forget this first experience.» 

Laura: »I have tried to give my best and they have responded by giving me more»

In one of the classes at the center

«This trip has been the most enriching experience I have ever had. I have learned a lot during the time that I have been there, and I have learned from everyone; the other volunteers, the teachers, the children, etc.. I have tried to give my best, and they have responded by giving me more. Without a doubt, an incredible experience that I recommend to everyone.

Every day we went to the classes, we helped the teachers, the children to do their homework and correct the homework in their notebooks. We also gave a class on oral hygiene.
During free time we played football with them, jump rope, clapping, etc.
The first few days we helped the little ones shower, and we tried to make sure everyone washed.
On weekends we would go for a walk, and after dinner we would put them on a movie.
In addition, in recent days we renewed the didactic posters that were hanging in the classes.»

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