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10 must-have gadgets in your solidarity backpack

10 must-have gadgets in your solidarity backpack

Lucas very well equipped on his solidarity trip to Peru.

The day to leave has arrived and you have everything ready: clothes, toiletry bag, shoes... You are about to close your backpack or suitcase, but wait a minute! Do you really take everything you need to live your solidarity trip to the fullest? Go through this list of little gadgets that will make your life easier on the road. We can no longer travel without them 🙂

Frontal: At first it will seem unnecessary, and even a bit ridiculous: “why do I want a front? Not even going trekking at night!” you might be thinking. But we assure you that it will be your best travel companion: you will use it when you want to read at night without disturbing the rest of the people sleeping in your room; or when you have to walk in dimly lit places and you are too loaded to carry the flashlight by hand. It is useful and comfortable.

Razor: You will use it on all your excursions: to make sandwiches, peel that appetizing fruit, or even to cut ropes or other utensils that you can use. Essential.

Even if you travel to the city, surely you can make excursions in nature.

Hanging toiletry bag: much better than life. In the bathrooms of many accommodations there is not always space to support the toiletry bag (or it is not as clean as you would like). With a hanging toiletry bag you will have all your things more organized, more at hand, you will not lose them and it will take much less time to pick them up.

Microfiber towel: many times we leave our accommodation in the morning, right after taking a shower. We put the wet towel in the suitcase or backpack and, when we open it again, it is still just as wet... To avoid this, use microfiber towels. They dry in a few minutes and also occupy and weigh much less.

Inner waist bag: Even if it seems unnecessary because you are going to a secure site, we recommend 100%. You will have your documents, money and cards protected and at hand. Avoid thefts and mistakes, since at all times you will know where you have your most important things. Also, you quickly get used to wearing it. When you return from the trip, you will miss her 🙂

Joan in Thailand with her small backpack, very useful for daily use.

Small backpack: You will need it almost every day, whether you are going on nature excursions or touring cities, to carry a jacket, food, water, etc. Make sure it's comfortable as you'll be carrying it for hours. Your back will thank you!

I take out sheet: If you travel in summer or to a tropical country you will think it is unnecessary, but you are wrong. Even if it's hot, this sleeping bag, which is usually made of fine cotton, will allow you to sleep in trains, tents or accommodation even if they are not as clean as you would like. With your sleeping bag, you will feel like you are in your bed.

Cardigan in Nepal with a large backpack and a small one for day to day. 

Bar of soap and soap dish: forget about the gels that wear out quickly and weigh a lot. A good soap will last you for weeks and, if it is good, you can use it for both body and hair, so you will save a lot of space in your backpack.

cloth scarf: You may feel as if you are going back in time, but it can be very useful: to dry yourself, if you sweat a lot, if you get stained or stained, if you have a cold or cold... You can wash it easily and you will avoid buying clinex continuously.

Water bottle: It can be with a filter to be able to drink the tap water and avoid consuming too many plastics. In countries where it is not recommended to drink tap water (even if we have a filter), we can still use them if we travel in a group: instead of buying 4 small bottles of water, for example, you can buy a large one for everyone and refill the reusable bottles. The less plastic you use, the better.

If you have everything, you can close the suitcase. Enjoy your trip!

If you travel to the jungle, like Cris, your backpack has to be well prepared!

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