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Sun and beach? Yes, but responsibly

Sun and beach? Yes, but responsibly

Almudena and Ivanka have collaborated in Bali in June.

We are starting July and many of us are in “beach mode”. We dream all the time about that first dip. With the touch of sand underfoot. With the sound of the waves in the background. But, Is it possible to live a beach summer sustainably? We give you 5 keys to achieve it (and a proposal).

1 Do not leave your polluting footprint

Whether it is an urban beach or a protected space, the coast is a natural resource and must be cared for and protected. Before traveling, find out to have the least possible impact. Of course, don't leave any residue, but go a little further. For example: avoid using boats or other types of polluting vessels. Also, if you visit sensitive ecosystems, such as coral reefs, find out how to do it so as not to degrade them.

2 Bike better than car

When traveling, avoid using the car: a good alternative could be the bike, if the distance is short. For longer distances, use the public transport. It will be less polluting and the money will go to a local company. In addition, it will allow you to meet people and stories that you would otherwise miss.

Beach in Nusa Penida, Bali, very close to one of the projects. 

3 Great hotel on the beachfront? No, thanks! 

Do not contribute to the overcrowding and degradation that the exploitation of the beach at all costs has caused in many places. Of course, avoid hotels on the beachfront: surely their construction and maintenance damages and pollutes the coast. Choose an accommodation that offers quality guarantees, that respects human rights and that takes care of the environment.

4 My neighborhood store

Do you have to buy a swimsuit? Don't go to a department store, go to a small store in the neighborhood where you are staying! Do you need sun cream? Don't go to a big supermarket, go to a grocery store! A gift to bring back? Bet on local products and crafts. This way, the money you spend will contribute to the local economy, not to the big brands or chains.

Lorena during her solidarity trip to Bali in May. 

5 Bikini at all costs?

Before walking in a bikini or shirtless along the seafront, find out about the culture of the country you are visiting. Is it customary to dress like this? Can I do something that offends? Observe, read, talk and respect.

Palm trees and forests very close to the sea in Bali. 

Our proposal: solidarity trip to Bali

Here is our responsible alternative to sun and beach tourism: make a solidarity trip to Bali! You will live in a beautiful seaside town and give English classes and you will organize playful workshops for boys and girls at risk of exclusion. The island is full of springs, dense jungles, towns with a wonderful culture and dream beaches. You sign up?

It just takes a little attention and care to travel responsibly. Live your "beach mode" in this way and we can enjoy it for much longer 🙂

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