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from 740€ / per person

Live with rescued elephants. Learn about their exploitation in Southeast Asia. Help by taking care of them and improving their home.

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from 570€ / per person

Actively collaborate to improve the lives of rescued wild animals in a jungle environment.

Volunteering India India
from 585€ / per person

Volunteer in this project in Northern India offering education in different areas to Tibetan refugees.

Open all year round except during the Tibetan New Year (February-March approx.).
Oaxaca, Mexico
from 590€ / per person
The dates are flexible between July and March and the minimum collaboration is 1 week.
from 580€ / per person

Collaborate in this educational centre for children in the heart of the Sacred Valley.

Volunteering at a farm in Nepal Nepal
from 420€ / per person

Support and live with a Nepalese family who loves organic farming.

Open all year round but not recommended during the rainy months (June-September).
from 630€ / per person

"Everyone should get close to these amazing animals at least once in their lives. For Tumaini travelers, learning about elephants and living in the jungle is the best part of the experience, as well as work for their conservation".

Open all year round.
from 550€ / per person

Collaborate in favor of girls and women most in need and support organic agriculture in northern India.

Open throughout the year although it is not recommended in December, January and February due to the cold
from 380€ / per person

Collaborate with the centre that managed to turn this small island in the Bali archipelago into a bird sanctuary.

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