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Volunteer travel with secondary school students in Kathmandu

Support this small project that offers free education to children coming from the Upper Dolpo region.

Volunteer travel with secondary school students in Kathmandu

from 690€ por persona

This beautiful project is located in Kathmandu. The project was created in 2013 with the aim of providing secondary and higher education to children and adolescents.

These little ones are Tibetan-Nepalis from the village of Komang, very close to the Tibetan border and in the middle of the Himalayas. Komang village is one of the most remote and isolated places in the world. The village is at an altitude of 4,500 metres and is one of the highest permanently inhabited villages in the world.

The children in Komang had no access to secondary education in or around their locality. This project was created to solve the lack of education among the village children by offering them the opportunity to study in a secondary school free of charge. 

The children are currently living in a residence in Kathmandu in order to study secondary education there. The project provides them with free accommodation, food and education.

You can try the typical Nepalese food, Dhal Bat, consisting of rice, mashed lentils and vegetables, always accompanied by Tibetan tea.

Solidarity trip to Nepal
Solidarity trip

Kathmandu, Nepal

With boys and girls in secondary and tertiary education

This project works towards achieving the following Sustainable Development Goals

SDG 1 End poverty
SDG 2 Zero Hunger
SDG 3 Health and well-being
SDG 4 Quality education
SDG 5 Gender equality
SDG 10 Reducing inequalities
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  • Project Location
    Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Volunteer hours
    flexible in the afternoons (approximately from 17:00 to 19:00 and 20:00 to 21:00) with two days off per week.
  • Volunteer activities
    homework support, Spanish classes, preparation of workshops and recreational activities, sports, planning and entrepreneurship workshops.
  • Minimal collaboration
    2 weeks
  • Incluido
    Tumaini accompaniment
    Hot water
    Local Coordinator
    Training course
    Airport pick-up
    Volunteer liability insurance
  • No incluido
    Tourist activities
    Travel insurance

Volunteer Program

Voluntary activities
  • Help with homework: tutoring in maths, English, IT, etc.
  • Leisure and free time workshops: they love painting and handicrafts, sports, music and theatre.
  • Conducting specific workshops (from environmental education, entrepreneurship, nutrition, etc.).
  • Language exchange classes: Nepali-Spanish.
Profiles required
It is not necessary to have a specific profile to participate in this solidarity trip. The only requirements are:
  • Level of English (intermediate level equivalent to B1, no diploma required).
  • Be of legal age or, in the case of minors, be accompanied by adults. The minimum recommended age to participate is 14 years old. 
  • Be open-minded, tolerant, supportive and willing to learn. Flexibility is essential, as tasks may change depending on the needs of the NGO, similarly the ability to work in a team since volunteering is done in coordination with other people.
The project is particularly suitable for:
  • People looking for a project in which you live together with the director and the children as a big family.
  • People with enough autonomy to carry out activities and prepare workshops.
  • People interested in Nepali culture
  • Teachers, professors, social educators or any professional or student in the education sector. Also engineers as they need support in mathematics and their level is high.
A day in the project
"We had breakfast with the children before they got ready for school. As we had the mornings free, we took the opportunity to visit the surroundings of Kathmandu with the other volunteers of the project (a very good connection has been generated). After lunch, we would come back and prepare the class for them: Spanish, dance, yoga, a song in Spanish or just painting to express their imagination. Afterwards we helped them with their homework if they had any doubts. Prayer, dinner and a bit more study. At 21:00 we all went to sleep.

Tere Perez


Project Location


This solidarity project is located in the north-eastern outskirts of Kathmandu (about 11 km from the centre). You can walk to the Boudhanath Stupa which is one of the largest stupas in the world and is one of the sacred Buddhist sites in Kathmandu. It is a very authentic neighbourhood where you can experience the essence of Kathmandu.


Rainfall is possible from May to October, especially in July and August. July is the warmest month and January the coldest month. The best time to visit in terms of weather is in autumn or spring, the dry season.
The cost varies according to the duration of your solidarity trip. The costs are approximate as they depend on the exchange rate at the time of payment.
  • 2 weeks: €690
  • 3 weeks: €860
  • 4 weeks: €1,035
  • 6 weeks: €1,180
  • 8 weeks: €1,460
  • 10 weeks: €1,740
  • 12 weeks: €2,010
What is included?

From Tumaini::
  • Search for the solidarity trip that best fits your profile and interests to provide an enriching beneficial experience for both travellers and NGOs.
  • A guide of the project with useful up-to-date information on the status and needs of the project.
  • Support during the preparation of your trip: visas, vaccinations, tips for buying your flight, advice on what to visit, essentials to carry in your backpack, practical information (money exchange, transport, timetables, culture, etc.).
  • Tumaini coordinator available by email or phone whenever you need to solve all your doubts. Sometimes, if possible, face-to-face meetings are also held.
  • Online course on solidarity travel and responsible tourism, mandatory for volunteers to get the most out of their experience.
  • Contact, if possible and on request, with volunteers who have already been in the project.
  • Contact, if possible and on request, with people who are going to travel on similar dates to chat before the solidarity trip, resolve doubts or organize it together.
  • Basic Tumaini Nepali-English dictionary.
  • Accident and liability insurance specialized in volunteering.
  • Follow-up during the solidarity trip.
  • Letter of reference or certificate of solidarity travel/volunteering on request.
  • CO2 compensation by planting a tree and monitoring it for three years on the island of Borneo in Indonesia.
On the part of the project:
  • Accommodation in a single/double bedroom.
  • Internal road transport from Kathmandu airport to the project.
  • Local Coordinator.
What is not included?

  • International ticket
  • Travel insurance (compulsory)
  • Visa
  • Extras such as personal excursions, shopping, etc.

Your trip will contribute to the growth of the project. The total cost of your solidarity trip is divided into two parts:
  • A contribution to Tumaini for the efforts and assistance of the volunteers.
  • A contribution to the project for board and lodging.
Your stay generates a direct benefit for the NGO, with your solidarity trip, you are directly contributing to making the project self-sustainable.


  • Single or double room
  • Turkish bath, with hot water 
  • Airport pick-up

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