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Educational solidarity trip with Quechua-speaking children

Live the Inca culture and support boys and girls from Quechua-speaking families on the outskirts of the beautiful city of Cusco.

Educational solidarity trip with Quechua-speaking children

from 400€ por persona
Open all year round (except Christmas: from 20 December to approx. 15 January).

Support Quechua speaking children by helping to improve their education.

The Quechua language, in Peru, is the mother tongue of almost 3.5 million people. However, education and attention by the State is only in Spanish. This is one of the main inconveniences encountered by families who come to Cusco from the High Andean communities. These families settle in San Jerónimo, the neighborhood where the project is located. In the city, there is still discrimination against people who speak Quechua. Their language is associated with people of "poor economic resources and without education", which makes them victims of discrimination and lack of respect for the people of the city. This generates resentment and often low self-esteem.

This project works with boys and girls from Quechua families, so that they have a proper childhood, can play, eat, be educated, and receive love and trust. With the support of the volunteers, the boys and girls do their homework and receive school reinforcement with math and spelling. In addition, they continually try to reinforce their self-esteem, working on the empowerment of girls, self-assurance, friendship and companionship.

In this project, you will live with the coordinator and her mother and you will get to know the local reality from the inside.

This project works towards achieving the following Sustainable Development Goals

SDG 1 End poverty
SDG 2 Zero Hunger
SDG 3 Health and well-being
SDG 4 Quality education
SDG 5 Gender equality
SDG 10 Reducing inequalities
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  • Project Location
  • Volunteer hours
    4 hours per day. From 2:45 p.m. to 6:45 p.m.
  • Volunteer activities
    Support in school tasks, games with boys and girls, computer classes, hygiene workshops, participation in recreational activities such as trips to the parks, the swimming pool, museums, holding their own workshops.
  • Minimal collaboration
    2 weeks
  • Incluido
    Tumaini accompaniment
    Hot water
    Local Coordinator
    Training course
    Airport pick-up
    Volunteer liability insurance
  • No incluido
    Tourist activities
    Travel insurance

Volunteer Program

Voluntary activities
  • School reinforcement, help with homework and computer classes.
  • Hygiene workshops: "Cleanliness and grooming come first"
  • Participate in welcome and farewell circles
  • Participate in activities outside the center: walks, swimming pool, museums
  • Propose and carry out your own workshops, we are always open to ideas :)
  • Assist the local coordinator in improving the program for children and women
  • Attend meetings with the families of the children
Profiles required
It is not necessary to have a specific profile to participate in this solidarity trip. The only requirements are:
  • Be of legal age or, in the case of minors, be accompanied by an adult. The minimum age to participate is 5 years old.
  • Be open-minded, tolerant, supportive and willing to learn. Flexibility is essential, as tasks may change depending on the needs of the NGO, similarly the ability to work in a team since volunteering is done in coordination with other people.
The project is particularly suitable for:
  • People who are looking for a smaller project with the freedom to carry out activities and prepare workshops.
  • People interested in the Inca culture, indigenous peoples, and the life of cultural minorities.
  • People looking for tranquility and living with a local family.
  • Teachers, professors, psychologists, social educators or any professional or student in the educational and social sector.
  • People who want to enjoy weekends to travel to places such as Arequipa, Machu Picchu, etc.
A day in the project
‘’At 3:00 p.m. we arrived at the project and the children started to join, they were playing until around 3:30 p.m. From 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. we dedicated ourselves to supporting homework (those who had it) and assigning some tasks adapted to their level or need to those who didn't bring them from school. Around 5:15 p.m. we were finishing and they played for a while while the snack was prepared. Then they had a snack, they washed their utensils and teeth and we put a little moisturizing cream on their faces and hands. They played until they leave around 6:15 p.m. or so. At the end we would accompanied one of the children named Ronaldiño with his brothers and returned home. ’’

Noelia López Palacio, volunteer in 2018

Project Location


The project is located in the San Jerónimo neighborhood, about 35 minutes from downtown Cusco. It is a district with its own cultural identity, which still preserves Inca customs. The Inca culture is still deeply rooted in the town and it is very common to hear the Quechua language in the streets. It is, for this reason, that many families from the High Andean Communities of Cusco, who decide to migrate to the City, choose San Jerónimo: because it is the District through which Cusco is accessed, and because it is also a welcoming town for these families. It is a quiet and easily accessible area.


The climate in Cusco is relatively cool although very changeable, it can go from bright sunshine to torrential rain in minutes. Average temperatures range between 13 and 15ºC, although at night they can drop to 0ºC in the dry season.

During the year Cusco has two different seasons:
  • April to October: This is the cool, dry season, with sunny days and temperatures up to 20 degrees Celsius, but with very cold nights. In June and July temperatures can drop below freezing.
  • November to March: the rainy season, when temperatures are highest (up to 25º during the day, dropping to 8º at night) and with rain mostly in the afternoon.
The cost varies according to the duration of your solidarity trip. Prices are approximate as they depend on the exchange rate at the time of payment.
Double room (cost per person):
  • 2 weeks: 399 €
  • 3 weeks: 455 €.
  • 4 weeks: 510 €.
  • 8 weeks: 730 €.
  • 12 weeks: 950 €.
Single room:
  • 2 weeks: €475
  • 3 weeks: €565
  • 4 weeks €660
  • 8 weeks: €1,020
  • 12 weeks: €1,385
What is included?

From Tumaini::
  • Search for the solidarity trip that best fits your profile and interests to provide an enriching beneficial experience for both travellers and NGOs.
  • A guide of the project with useful up-to-date information on the status and needs of the project.
  • Support during the preparation of your trip: visas, vaccinations, tips for buying your flight, advice on what to visit, essentials to carry in your backpack, practical information (money exchange, transport, timetables, culture, etc.).
  • Tumaini Coordinator (Almudena) available by mail or by phone whenever you need to answer all your questions. Sometimes, if possible, face-to-face meetings are also held.
  • Online course on solidarity travel and responsible tourism, mandatory for volunteers to get the most out of their experience.
  • Contact, if possible and on request, with volunteers who have already been in the project.
  • Contact, if possible and on request, with people who are going to travel on similar dates to chat before the solidarity trip, resolve doubts or organize it together.
  • Basic Tumaini Thai-English dictionary.
  • Accident and liability insurance specialized in volunteering.
  • Follow-up during the solidarity trip.
  • Letter of reference or certificate of solidarity travel/volunteering on request.
On the part of the project:
  • Accommodation in a double or single bedroom.
  • Local Coordinator.
  • Internal transportation from Cusco airport to the project.
What is not included?

  • International ticket
  • Travel insurance (compulsory)
  • Visa (free of charge for Spanish nationals for stays of less than 90 days)
  • Extras such as personal excursions, shopping, etc.

Your trip will contribute to the growth of the project.The total cost of your solidarity trip is divided into two parts:
  • A contribution to Tumaini for the efforts and assistance of the volunteers.
  • A contribution to the project for board and lodging.
Your stay generates a direct benefit for the NGO, with your solidarity trip, you are directly contributing to making the project self-sustainable.


  • Hot water
  • WIFI
  • Washing machine
  • Airport pick-up
  • Kitchen

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