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Solidarity trip with Quechua-speaking children

Jordi in the San Jerónimo project in Peru. When you go on a solidarity trip you are full of doubts: will I fit into the new environment? Will the children like me? Will I be able to contribute? Jordi also had them before travelling to Peru with Tumaini, although now he is clear: "things are easier than you think. You just have to let yourself go. Why did you decide to make this kind of trip to Peru? I had been looking forward to visiting Machu Picchu and getting to know it better for a long time.

One of the children from the NGO in Cusco "To experience new sensations. Develop affection. Understand other realities. Adapt to a way of life that is not mine. Solving unforeseen events". That and much more was Noelia's solidarity trip to the educational project with Quechua-speaking children in Cusco: "I got to know the Peru that I wanted to discover. From 3.30 to 4.30 p.m. we helped them with their homework, and, if they had any

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