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Tibetan culture and its secrets of happiness We share four keys to happiness from Tibetan culture that can help you to be happier.Tibetan culture, one of the most geographically isolated cultures in the world, may hold the secrets to the happiness we all seek.Tibetans have become the guardians of a deep and well-preserved tradition of wisdom, perhaps in part because of the country's remote location and an unbroken lineage of oral knowledge and technical expertise in both medicine and medicine.

SOLIDARITY TRIPS DURING COVID PANDEMIA AND NGOs. THE REINVENTION OF TUMAINI FROM OUR SOLIDARITY TRIPS.A few days ago we were talking to Carmen García, the head of Asegurados Solidarios, about how this pandemic was affecting non-profit organisations. The first questions we asked ourselves were: can I travel during this pandemic, how can I travel with the Covid restrictions, can I travel without the Covid vaccine? Travelling in times of Covid-19, means looking at restrictions every day, testing all the time and more travel formalities:Will I lose the money I paid for my

Responsable tourism. Join the Community Tourism Declare The 5 actions of Responsible Tourism In Tumaini we have joined Turismo Declara. This is an initiative that supports organizations, companies and professionals in the tourism sector to declare a climate emergency and take measures to reduce their carbon emissions. As indicated by the advice of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC for its acronym in English), global carbon dioxide emissions must be reduced to 55% in 2030 and tourism must assume its responsibility by taking action

Our Letter to the Three Kings from Solidarity Trips Tumaini Dear Majesties!, how has this solidarity year of 2020 gone? We at Viajes Tumaini hope that you are doing well and that you arrive from your long journey tonight so that it continues to be as magical as ever. We briefly tell you how ours has been since Viajes Solidarios Tumaini: We ended the year 2019 with our traditional #Caña Solidaria, we managed to raise a Christmas gift of €1,172.24 to create an educational program for the boys and girls of our Project in Peru. In

What are the Sustainable Development Goals? Why do they seem important to us? As many of you already know, the main objective of Tumaini is to bring society closer to different realities as well as to raise awareness about social and environmental problems. Through solidarity trips and volunteering in different international projects, we offer the opportunity to live transformative experiences to restless people who are sensitized to certain issues such as education, childhood, inequality or endangered animals. We also support the projects with which we collaborate with donations, through our

What is happening in our social projects in Kenya, Peru or India? What is your situation in the context of the coronavirus? We want to continue sharing the news of the projects with which we collaborate in different countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America. To which we are normally connected throughout the year, among other activities, through international volunteering. Although right now we cannot travel nor do we know when we will be able to do so normally again, the solidarity commitment to build a better world is still present in the

This is the kind of news we would never want to have to write.In view of the global emergency due to the coronavirus infection - covid 19 - and as our business is directly related to international air travel, we thought it would be useful to provide some basic information on what to do if you are planning to travel in the near future.These are general recommendations for any traveller as well as specific recommendations for Tumaini travellers. At Tumaini, we are closely following the evolution of the spread of the coronavirus internationally. We believe that the first thing to do is

Tumaini means "hope" in Swahili or Swahili, which is the eastern Bantu language of Kenya. In addition, Tumaini's own lyrics build an evocative image in the form of a fishing boat: “Give a man a fish and he will eat today, give him a rod and teach him to fish and he will eat for the rest of his life”. A simple phrase in the face of the current complex reality that aims to serve as a guide to our work. Why Swahili? The reason for using Swahili is that the founder of Tumaini, Mónica Herreras, gave a

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