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Intercultural workshops

Tibetan culture and its secrets of happiness We share four keys to happiness from Tibetan culture that can help you to be happier. Tibetan culture, one of the most geographically isolated cultures in the world, may hold the secrets to the happiness we all seek. Tibetans have become the guardians of a deep and well-preserved tradition of wisdom, perhaps in part because of the country's remote location and an unbroken lineage of oral knowledge and technical expertise in both medicine and medicine.

Our Letter to the Three Kings from Solidarity Trips Tumaini Dear Majesties!, how has this solidarity year of 2020 gone? We at Viajes Tumaini hope that you are doing well and that you arrive from your long journey tonight so that it continues to be as magical as ever. We briefly tell you how ours has been since Viajes Solidarios Tumaini: We ended the year 2019 with our traditional #Caña Solidaria, we managed to raise a Christmas gift of €1,172.24 to create an educational program for the boys and girls of our Project in Peru. In

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