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 Monkey at the rescued wildlife centre in Bolivia.We confess: when we started travelling we didn't know it either. We saw people riding camels, or colourfully painted elephants in temples. Something told us that it wasn't right, but we didn't know the terrible reality that these practices hide! After more than 5 years organising solidarity trips, we tell you 5 activities with animals that you should say NO to on your trips. 1 Elephant shows According to World Animal Protection's 2017 report, out of the 2923 elephants used

Bangkok is known for its Buddhist temples. Is it the first time you travel to Thailand? Do you land in Bangkok and don't know how to start moving around the city? After having visited "the city of angels" several times, we will tell you 8 practical tips to get the most out of your stay. Aim, Aim! 1) Money All ATMs charge 220 THB (approx. 6 euros) commission and the exchange rate they apply is quite bad. It is much better to take cash in EUR/USD and change at any Casa de Cambio

Solidarity trip for María and her children to Thailand. This summer, María de Santiago and her two children had an experience they will never forget: a solidarity trip to the elephant shelter in Thailand. For her, volunteering is a "formative experience" for her children, and she is convinced that it is a "fundamental part of their personal development." How did the little ones react when they found out that they were going to Thailand to learn to take care of elephants? Don't miss his interview! Was it the first trip to a distant place that you made?

If you still don't have a plan for this summer and you want to live a different experience this year, would you like to get to know a country like Kenya, India or Peru up close and collaborate with a local NGO? We propose 5 plans in 3 different continents for you to live an adventure of 10 this summer! A trip... what? A solidarity trip is a unique experience where a person not only gets to know the tourist attractions of a country, but also projects that work to improve their immediate reality. Travellers dedicate a few hours to the

Joan Martínez is 22 years old, is from Badalona and is a radiotherapy technician. She had always dreamed of traveling in solidarity, but had not done so for fear of not being able to communicate in English. A month ago, she put her fears aside and traveled to Thailand to help out with a protected elephant sanctuary. "The feeling of tranquility that this place transmits is indescribable," he tells us. Why did you choose to take a solidarity trip to Thailand? My desire to do some volunteer work began at the beginning of 2016, with the crisis of

My experience in the Surin project has been totally positive, and it has met all my expectations. The project takes place in the village of Ban Tha Klang, in the Surin area of Thailand, which is known as the "elephant village" because the inhabitants have around 150 captive elephants.Joana with one of the mahouts, keeper of elephantsThe main tourist attraction is a show in which the elephants do different performances such as playing soccer

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