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SOLIDARITY TRIPS DURING COVID PANDEMIA AND NGOs. THE REINVENTION OF TUMAINI FROM OUR SOLIDARITY TRIPS. A few days ago we were talking to Carmen García, the head of Asegurados Solidarios, about how this pandemic was affecting non-profit organisations. The first questions we asked ourselves were: can I travel during this pandemic, how can I travel with the Covid restrictions, can I travel without the Covid vaccine? Travelling in times of Covid-19, means looking at restrictions every day, testing all the time and more travel formalities: Will I lose the money I paid for my

This is the kind of news we would never want to have to write. In view of the global emergency due to the coronavirus infection - covid 19 - and as our business is directly related to international air travel, we thought it would be useful to provide some basic information on what to do if you are planning to travel in the near future. These are general recommendations for any traveller as well as specific recommendations for Tumaini travellers. At Tumaini, we are closely following the evolution of the spread of the coronavirus internationally. We believe that the first thing to do is

On a trip you must have insured medical assistance. We will tell you how! Is it true that our credit card includes insurance? What coverages does it offer? If I go on a trip abroad and I want to have health care, what option do I contract? We solve your doubts in this post!1 International medical insuranceIt is designed for people who are going to live abroad for a long period of time. It is usually contracted for one year. It covers both emergency treatment and daily medical care in any country in its coverage area. In addition, it allows you to choose

Vaccines are important when we are going to travel to Southern Countries. Many times our travelers ask us: Is it necessary for me to get vaccinated? We always recommend making an appointment at the nearest vaccination center and having it evaluated by a specialist doctor. Vaccines depend on the destination of our trip, what we are going to do and the areas to visit. For example, if we go to a jungle area, it is most likely that they give us the yellow fever vaccine. These are the steps that we recommend taking before

Before embarking on a trip, the most common keys to prevent problems and equip ourselves with regard to health are: 1.- Visit an international vaccination center so that they indicate the necessary vaccinations according to the destination to which we travel. 2.- Hire travel insurance (in the next post we will give you the keys to choose the one that best suits us) 2.- Prepare a good first-aid kit: have everything you need but do not take up much space in your backpack. In this post we share our essentials at the time

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