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Girls near the Battambang project with which we collaborate. What is the “Cambodian educational miracle”? Why did the education system have to be rebuilt almost from scratch? What position in the world ranking of English level does the country have? We tell you 6 keys to understand the situation of Cambodian classrooms. And a proposal to collaborate!1. A bit of history The recent history of Cambodia, unfortunately, is linked to one name: Pol Pot. Dictator and genocide, he was the main leader of the Khmer Rouge from the decade of

If you still don't have a plan for this summer and you want to live a different experience this year, would you like to get to know a country like Kenya, India or Peru up close and collaborate with a local NGO? We propose 5 plans in 3 different continents for you to live an adventure of 10 this summer! A trip... what? A solidarity trip is a unique experience where a person not only gets to know the tourist attractions of a country, but also projects that work to improve their immediate reality. Travellers dedicate a few hours to the

The boys and girls of the village of Komang, in Nepal, had a very difficult time going to school. The nearest school was a four-day walk from their homes. Until 2009, when the NGO CIDEN built a closer school. Now, these boys and girls need to go to institute, but they do not have the resources to buy educational materials. The Spaniards Monika and Pedro are willing to do it. For this reason, they have created a crowdfunding campaign to deliver them taking advantage of their trip to Nepal. Can you help them? “Hello. We are Monika and

Have you always dreamed of taking a solidarity trip but don't know where to start? Come to the Tumaini Meetings in Madrid and Barcelona! In them, you will discover our destinations, we will explain how to collaborate with social projects in various countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America and you will meet traveling people like you. If you want to travel in a different way and get to know other realities up close, now is the time! to solve all your doubts! At Tumaini we hold two meetings so that you can find out about the solidarity trips we offer. come and ask us

We start the year in the best possible way, we launch new solidarity trips in Mexico! We suggest you travel to Chiapas to help improve the education of minors and adults. Doesn't that sound good? The new projects are located in San Cristóbal de las Casas, a city where indigenous people of Mayan origin (especially Tzotzil) and mestizos live side by side. This city was one of the epicenters of the Zapatista revolution in 1994. Its cobbled streets, its ocher-colored houses, its markets and its lively cultural and social atmosphere make it

Post written by Tumaini and IsaíasUn Viaje Solidario brings us closer to another social reality and to share unforgettable moments in the projects. One more way to get closer is through photography. This is how "Eye for Beauty" was born, a project in which the protagonists are the people in the centres where we work and in which we ask them to show us the reality through their eyes.A few months ago we started to design this project together with Isaías and Marina, travellers from Tumaini. They

Post from the Tumaini team The earthquake in Nepal has caused very important losses. It has left more than 8,000 dead and the destruction of a large part of the country. The organic farm we collaborate with, very close to Pokhara, was largely destroyed, but the family suffered no harm. The impact for this family has been great, they have been living in a single room since the rest of the house could not be. For our part, we have had to postpone the trip of several people

Last Saturday we were able to enjoy a very special afternoon with your company. Thank you very much to all the people who were able to come to the first Encounter with Tumaini. It was an afternoon to publicize all the projects with which we collaborate and a very close way of sharing what for us is a Solidarity Trip. Almu and Mónica at the presentation Many of the people who are going to travel this year with Tumaini met. They will participate in projects in Kenya, India, Peru

Take advantage of your Christmas holidays to learn about our projects. From Tumaini we encourage you to spend a different and supportive Christmas. Find out about our proposals:Volunteers in BoliviaIn Bolivia you can participate in environmental and animal care projects and in centers that work with children with disabilities.In India these dates are very different. In McLeod different religions coexist, so it can be a very interesting learning about how other communities spend Christmas. In Bali we return to summer. In this project you can collaborate in the care of protected birds,

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