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University practices

Did you know that solidarity projects can also be carried out in educational centers? Schools, secondary schools or vocational training centers may be connected to places as remote as an orphanage in Kenya, a small neighborhood in Cuzco, in Peru, or a town on the banks of the Amazon River. This is the transformative experience that since 2019 Tumaini has had the opportunity to develop with CIFP Ciudad de Zamora. Young people of all ages have been carrying out solidarity activities and events throughout the year with the aim of

Ana studies Tourism and History at the Juan Carlos I University in Madrid and decided to do her university internship with us at the educational center we support in Cusco. From there he tells us about his experience: "It all started through the internship platform at my university. I remember that morning when I clicked on the button to "send my internship application" and a little square that said Viajes Tumaini. I didn't know everything I was expecting. I received an email from Almudena and Mónica

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