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Street children on the coast of Kenya

Claudia during her solidarity trip to Kenya From the first moment, Claudia understood what a solidarity trip consists of: “it is a priceless personal experience” where the person who travels is the one who benefits the most. He collaborated for 15 days in the shelter for street children in Kenya. As a nurse, she was able to heal some children. “For that alone it has already been worth it.” How was your arrival in the NGO? The welcome was super good, they explained the project to us, they gave us a dossier with information, they introduced us to the

Paula and Adrián with one of the children from the project. He is only 19 years old, but this summer he has already lived an experience of solidarity, enrichment and full of learning: a solidarity trip to Kenya, through Tumaini. He collaborated in an NGO that welcomes street boys and girls, offers them a home and education so that they aspire to a better future. This is your experience. How was the preparation of your trip? Did you get all the info you needed from Tumaini? Yes, I received very complete information. After the

Víctor with the boys and girls from the shelter in Mombasa. In July, Víctor Martín left Granada to go on a solidarity trip to Kenya. He was one of the first people to collaborate, through Tumaini, in the shelter for street children on the coast of Mombasa. He participated in numerous volunteer activities with street boys and girls. In the backpack, it brings back unforgettable anecdotes and, above all, a lot of learning from the little ones. Every day

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