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Orphanage and reception centre

They say that when you leave Kenya a little piece of you stays there, that a sense of sadness accompanies you leaving this place and that the smiles you see are etched on your retina for life. At the beginning, before the trip, you may be accompanied by fear and uncertainty about the unknown, as well as an unexpected accumulation of unknown emotions because we are going to a place with a totally different reality, with different experiences and with a way of seeing life that is very different from our own.

Elisa in the reception center in Kenya. She was the first international volunteer. Elisa already knew Kenya. She had taken an organized trip in 2017. It had such an impact on her that, when she was landing in Madrid, she promised herself that she would return the following year. But he did not return from tourism, but with a solidarity trip, through Tumaini. Thanks to volunteering, he has known "the essential, the authentic and the impressive" of the country, he says. The experience has been so beautiful that he says he would repeat it "a thousand more times and each time

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