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When we prepare a trip and it is time to pack, we always have the question of what to take. The most common mistake is to load the backpack too much and fall into the "I'll take this just in case". In order to escape from it and manage to make a 10 backpack with everything you need and without weighing it down too much, here we share our keys:1º You always have to take destination into account: as you know, at Tumaini we have projects in different regions, countries and continents, therefore, we recommend

When planning a trip, the first thing we ask ourselves is: do I have a backpack or a suitcase? In our experience, the answer depends on the type of trip we are going to make and the destination we choose. Whether we are going on a Solidarity Trip or another type of trip, these tips can help you. The backpack is a good option when we are going to move from one place to another and we are going to change accommodation often. Because? Because with backpacks it is easier to adjust the

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