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Maria's three-month experience in the jungle of Iquitos To travel in solidarity to discover parts of yourself that you don't know, to reconnect with yourself, with your values and to get to know realities that are distant to you but with which you have always felt interest and pain in equal parts. Taking the step makes many things in you change, the way you see the world, how you face a problem, how you take different situations philosophically or feel grateful for everything you have around you. That is exactly what

Daniel on his , in Peru "It is not easy to describe in words what you feel in an incredible part of the world and with people who give you everything". With just one sentence, Daniel tells us about his experience in , Peru. Since he was a child, he had always dreamed of going to the jungle, but getting to know it hand in hand with the children of the project "is incredible". It wasn't your first trip of this kind, what differences did you see with others you had done before? From the moment I arrived in the village of Santa

Win a charity trip for two people with the # Tumaini Contest! Have you always dreamed of taking a solidarity trip? Getting to know a southern country from the inside? Volunteer with boys and girls? This is the moment! Solidarity Trips Tumaini, with the collaboration of Asegurados Solidarios, launches a contest on Instagram to help you live the solidarity experience of your life. You can collaborate for two weeks and with whoever you want, in our collaborating NGOs in Peru or Cambodia. Go ahead and participate in the # Tumaini Contest! It is supportive. It is transformative. and change

Josu with the children of Can you imagine volunteering in a village in the Peruvian jungle, living with the locals as one of them, adapting to life without electricity, water or WIFI? Josu spent a month in this little school for children without resources, and the only thing he didn't like was... not being able to stay longer! What was your day-to-day life like in the Iquitos project? At 3 o'clock in the afternoon we opened the school. The children had 30 minutes to play

Nerea during her voluntary work in Iquitos.they say that a solidarity trip gets you hooked and that, if you try it, you can't stop travelling. Nerea has experienced something similar. First she travelled to India. Then to Kenya. And now she has just returned from Iquitos, Peru, with Enric, her partner. She has collaborated in a little school for children with few resources and has learned to live with very little and to "totally connect with nature"... Did you imagine the project like this? no, it was much better than I expected! The

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