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Emma has spent almost three months collaborating on the two projects we collaborate with in India that work with Tibetan refugees. He has told us about his experience in a very special way. In his daily yoga class So far, he is the person who has spent the longest time in the projects with which Tumaini collaborates. For this very reason, we wanted to start with his experience and share how his evolution was in those months. He collaborated in Rogpa, helping in the care of the boys and girls who attend the nursery and in

The days go by fast and my departure is getting closer. I feel sorry because I have met wonderful people that I probably won't see again (or maybe I will) and McLeod Ganj has a very special energy. It belongs to India, specifically to the State of Himachal Pradesh but despite belonging to India it is a very quiet place. Surrounded by mountains, people walk relaxed throughout the day, it is a tiny place where you can access all places on foot. The mixture of

I have been in McLeod Ganj for 5 days now and every day I am happier that I chose this place. This is where the Dalai Lama settled in 1959, everyone here refers to him as His Holyness. They live around 20,000 Tibetan refugees and the story behind each one of them makes me never cease to be surprised by the strength of human beings. For example, the coordinator of the project that I am visiting is called Yeshi, the other day while we were having lunch on a terrace with

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