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Marta with some volunteers and monks from the project. This summer, Marta Valentí spent three weeks in the incredible city of McLeod Ganj. A place where nature and spirituality coexist and where it is better not to wear a watch or make plans, as "you never know what awaits you around the corner". During her volunteer work with Tibetan refugees, she imbibed their philosophy and learned to live in the "here and now". What was your day-to-day life like as a volunteer?

Laia in one of the temples that she visited with the rest of the volunteers. Laia Crestemayer had always dreamed of getting to know India but when she saw that, in addition to traveling, she could volunteer there, she jumped “headfirst into it”. For several weeks, she immersed herself in Tibetan culture in McLeod Ganj, helping with a charity nursery and teaching English to Tibetan refugees. But one of the best things about his trip was the people he met on the project: “in a short time we formed a small family”, he explains.

If you still don't have a plan for this summer and you want to live a different experience this year, would you like to get to know a country like Kenya, India or Peru up close and collaborate with a local NGO? We propose 5 plans in 3 different continents for you to live an adventure of 10 this summer! A trip... what? A solidarity trip is a unique experience where a person not only gets to know the tourist attractions of a country, but also projects that work to improve their immediate reality. Travellers dedicate a few hours to the

Mateusz traveled with Tumaini last September to India for just over three weeks. There he participated in the two projects with which we collaborated in McLeod Ganj and was able to learn more about Tibetan culture. In this post, he tells us how he lived it: "During my stay in McLeod Ganj I tried to combine the two projects, collaborating in the nursery in the mornings and in the afternoons in conversation classes. Every day I got up early and went to the nursery where was from 9 to 12:30 and

Yaiza traveled with Tumaini last May to India. He made his Solidarity Trip in the nursery for Tibetan boys and girls. This nursery offers this service to Tibetan families without resources and helps them care for their children while they have to work."What he liked most was spending time with the little ones and what he least liked was saying goodbye. An experience that he values with a 10. She herself tells us about her day-to-day life: Yaiza with some kids from the nursery First thing in the morning

"My experience has been very enriching in being able to become aware of the reality of the Tibetan people in exile, honest, calm and peaceful people who are forced to leave their country to get out of oppression. Jou and África, another Tumaini traveler, with Yeshi, founder of the projectIn the project my functions were to collaborate with the construction of the library, collaborate with the design of the cafe and help to spread the activities of the center (yoga, tours around the city, Tibetan folk show, etc)There are two things that have

Jessica collaborated this summer on the two projects we worked on in North India. This was her experience:Jessica and Chenhui in the project that works with adults"During volunteering, together with my partner Chenhui, I collaborated in the daycare in the mornings, we helped in the care of the children (games, feeding, cleaning the the facilities, etc.).In the afternoons, I collaborated in the project that works with adults.I contributed to the reorganization of the library; my function was to read the summaries of the books with the purpose

Patricia was in India last January. He collaborated giving English classes to Tibetan refugees in one of the projects we work with in McLeod. We have been able to closely follow his experience thanks to his blog, we recommend you follow him to get to know the Tibetan people and their culture more closely. Back, he has given us a summary of his work that month. Patricia on the volunteer board "In Tibet World I gave classes to children of 13 and 15 years apart from adults and I carried out administrative tasks.

It has been a short experience, just over 2 months, but intense :) This time has gone through several different phases. Preparing the workshop with recycled paperMy volunteering at Tibet World has been quite free and spontaneous, when necessary and when the opportunity arose. I have designed and set up the notice board at the entrance, helped organize events, drawn a map of McLeod Ganj for future volunteers and for marketing, and conducted a recycling paper workshop with teenagers during the school holidays in

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