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Women Empowerment in India: A Journey to Equality India is a fascinating country that captivates with its rich culture, millennia-old history and exquisite cuisine. However, behind the beauty and charm of this country, hide the complex and challenging realities that women face in their search for equality and empowerment. Fortunately, there are organizations and projects that are doing amazing work. After several months of work, Tumaini has added a new women's empowerment project to her list.

Tibetan culture and its secrets of happiness We share four keys to happiness from Tibetan culture that can help you to be happier. Tibetan culture, one of the most geographically isolated cultures in the world, may hold the secrets to the happiness we all seek. Tibetans have become the guardians of a deep and well-preserved tradition of wisdom, perhaps in part because of the country's remote location and an unbroken lineage of oral knowledge and technical expertise in both medicine and medicine.

María Andrés is a social educator and last February she travelled to India to connect with a hitherto unknown culture. She wanted to take advantage of this trip to support the NGO with which we collaborate in Varanasi, where training and work is offered in a Fair Trade workshop to women from low castes and with few resources. Find out what her experience was like 😊 This is the first time you have volunteered internationally. Why did you decide to live an experience like this? Yes, I had never experienced anything like it before. I needed to get out of the

Alejandro with Naroha, another volunteer in the India project. Alejandro had spent his whole life reading about Tibet, but thanks to his solidarity trip, he was able to see first-hand how compassion and hospitality are experienced. He collaborated by giving English conversation classes to Tibetan refugees and developing an APP to facilitate their study. On his return, he brings back new friendships, incredible experiences and a reflection: "we must eliminate negativity from our lives, because it only leads to unhappiness". What was your day to day life like? The days started quite early

Volunteer doing yoga in the Kathmandu project in Nepal. Travelling to the heart of Tibetan culture. Talking about life with monks and Buddhist believers until you lose track of time. Practising yoga in the place where it was born and where it is still lived with intensity today, in its streets, in its people. All this and much more awaits you on our Tumaini solidarity trips to India and Nepal. If you love their culture and believe in generosity, we give you 5 reasons why you have to experience it, for

Cristina is from Monterrey, Mexico. She is an architect and project manager. But last April, she left her office to live an unrepeatable experience: a solidarity trip to India. She gave English classes to Tibetan refugees fleeing Chinese persecution. The best part of her experience was undoubtedly her relationship with them and the exchange of points of view. "It opens your mind," she says. What was your day-to-day life like in the project? My day consisted of two 1-hour lessons so that

In November, Raquel made her first solidarity trip to India. She collaborated with two projects: a solidarity kindergarten in the morning and English classes for Tibetan refugees in the afternoons. She rates her experience with a 9 out of 10. The best thing about the trip? "The time with the children, the love they give you is unconditional! What was a typical day like at the McLeod Ganj solidarity kindergarten? The day started early: I worked at the kindergarten from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm. When I left, I would go

The charity event raises funds for the NGO in Varanasi. What is life like for a young girl in India, when is she supposed to get married, what obstacles does she have to face if she wants to study or go out with her friends? Tumaini, together with several organisations in Madrid, is organising the Bollywood Summer V festival! The aim is to raise awareness about the situation of women in India through the colourful and energetic Bollywood dance. The festival will take place on Saturday 30 June at 7pm in the theatre of the

María José with several students from the NGO If she had to keep one thing from her trip, María José would be clear: "I loved getting to know the way of life and way of thinking of the Tibetans". In November, this Barcelona native spent 15 days at McLeod Gang giving English classes to Tibetan refugees who have fled the horror. "I'm glad that there are NGOs like Tumaini. It is important to know the reality of these places and to collaborate. Sometimes we get too caught up in 'our own bubble'," she explains. What is it like

Yoga Solidarity to start up a mobile library in India Do you like yoga, are you a supportive person, do you live in Madrid? On Saturday 16th December, take part in Tumaini's Yoga Solidarity Workshop and help dozens of children in India so that they don't run out of books to read. We are waiting for you! The workshop will take place on 16th December from 17:30 to 19:30 h at VivaGym Embajadores, and will be given by teachers from the Nayana Yoga school, who are collaborating on a voluntary basis in the event.

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