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The Tumaini Meetings are back! Learning to care for rescued animals in the middle of the jungle in Bolivia. Giving empowerment workshops to girls in Kenya. Support vulnerable people living in Cape Verde. Help in the conservation of sea turtles in Oaxaca (Mexico). These are just some of the solidarity trips that we offer you to experience a different kind of holiday this year. More and more people are deciding to dedicate their holidays to a trip of this kind. Mónica, the founder of the project, states that "Travelling through solidarity has managed to

Solidarity trip in Cape Verde - Chelo's experience Are you thinking of doing a solidarity trip in Cape Verde? If so, keep reading :) They say that when you set foot on the African continent, a little piece of you stays there. The sensations that stir your body on a daily basis remain engraved in your mind forever. Uncertainty and emotion accompany many of the people who dare to travel based on respect and solidarity. The key is to embrace from the heart all the

Tibetan culture and its secrets of happiness We share four keys to happiness from Tibetan culture that can help you to be happier. Tibetan culture, one of the most geographically isolated cultures in the world, may hold the secrets to the happiness we all seek. Tibetans have become the guardians of a deep and well-preserved tradition of wisdom, perhaps in part because of the country's remote location and an unbroken lineage of oral knowledge and technical expertise in both medicine and medicine.

SOLIDARITY TRIPS DURING COVID PANDEMIA AND NGOs. THE REINVENTION OF TUMAINI FROM OUR SOLIDARITY TRIPS. A few days ago we were talking to Carmen García, the head of Asegurados Solidarios, about how this pandemic was affecting non-profit organisations. The first questions we asked ourselves were: can I travel during this pandemic, how can I travel with the Covid restrictions, can I travel without the Covid vaccine? Travelling in times of Covid-19, means looking at restrictions every day, testing all the time and more travel formalities: Will I lose the money I paid for my

This summer, surely you have tried to be a more respectful traveler with the environment, animals and cultures. You have seen tourists littering and you have been outraged. You have read about the subject and you have become aware. But, once at home, can you continue doing responsible tourism? At Tumaini we are clear: yes! We tell you 5 things you can do without leaving your city. 1 Share your experience and learning The days go by and soon you return to the routine, but do not miss the opportunity to share

Alejandro with Naroha, another volunteer in the India project. Alejandro had spent his whole life reading about Tibet, but thanks to his solidarity trip, he was able to see first-hand how compassion and hospitality are experienced. He collaborated by giving English conversation classes to Tibetan refugees and developing an APP to facilitate their study. On his return, he brings back new friendships, incredible experiences and a reflection: "we must eliminate negativity from our lives, because it only leads to unhappiness". What was your day to day life like? The days started quite early

  Monkey at the rescued wildlife centre in Bolivia. We confess: when we started travelling we didn't know it either. We saw people riding camels, or colourfully painted elephants in temples. Something told us that it wasn't right, but we didn't know the terrible reality that these practices hide! After more than 5 years organising solidarity trips, we tell you 5 activities with animals that you should say NO to on your trips. 1 Elephant shows According to World Animal Protection's 2017 report, out of the 2923 elephants used

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