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Maria has spent part of her summer in this centre located in an incredible environment, full of history, magic and very special places. She herself tells us about her experience in this project with which we collaborate and which is located in the heart of the Sacred Valley of the Incas in Peru: "In the mornings we have breakfast from half past seven (not before we all greet each other with a kiss and a hug). Afterwards, everyone does a bit of what they feel like doing: being in the areas where they feel like it.

My collaboration during the first two months consisted of volunteering at the Lamay school. My idea was to stay in Cuzco, but the project needed people in Lamay and the coordinator Isabel, without knowing me, proposed it to me and I let myself go. Now I am grateful that she did so because I have discovered where I feel happy. The moment I arrived I knew I was going to stay. It is an incredible place, you can't describe it in words, you have to experience it in person. Surrounded by the Apus (mountains

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