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  We are excited to share inspiring stories like the one of Anna who, after returning from her solidarity trip in Bolivia, something clicked in her and led her to undertake the same project in Spain. One of the most beautiful things about our work is to see how solidarity trips become transformational experiences for volunteers, generating an incredible impact around them, which is experienced both on a personal and professional level. Here is Anna's inspiring first-person account of her experience: Good afternoon, I am Anna Campo. Psychologist who

In my day-to-day work I helped with the equine therapy sessions for children with disabilities, taking care of the horses and doing activities with the children when they were not riding. What I liked the most was to see the relationship that was created between the child and the horse, the happiness and the benefits that the equine therapy gave them. It was a great and enriching experience. María with one of the girls at the centreThe equine therapy sessions, depending on the profile of the child, are very enriching.

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