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Yoga Solidarity to start up a mobile library in India Do you like yoga, are you a supportive person, do you live in Madrid? On Saturday 16th December, take part in Tumaini's Yoga Solidarity Workshop and help dozens of children in India so that they don't run out of books to read. We are waiting for you! The workshop will take place on 16th December from 17:30 to 19:30 h at VivaGym Embajadores, and will be given by teachers from the Nayana Yoga school, who are collaborating on a voluntary basis in the event.

The boys and girls of the village of Komang, in Nepal, had a very difficult time going to school. The nearest school was a four-day walk from their homes. Until 2009, when the NGO CIDEN built a closer school. Now, these boys and girls need to go to institute, but they do not have the resources to buy educational materials. The Spaniards Monika and Pedro are willing to do it. For this reason, they have created a crowdfunding campaign to deliver them taking advantage of their trip to Nepal. Can you help them? “Hello. We are Monika and

Making Christmas plans? At Tumaini we encourage you to start the festivities with a different activity: our second Solidarity Cane! It will take place on Saturday, December 17, starting at 8:00 p.m. at Bar La Lata in Cascorro. Christmas would not be the same if we did not start it with this very special moment in which we get together for a good cause, meet people with the same interests and meet up with friends. The entire collection of the Caña Solidaria will go to the organic farm with which

In recent weeks, the works at the orphanage in Kenya have been completed, in which the volunteers who have collaborated this summer at the center and the children have participated. Diego has worked very hard these months so that these much-needed improvements could be finished and We can already see the boys' room finished, the girls' room improved and new materials that will make life a little easier for all these little ones. The exterior walls of the rooms were decorated with educational murals

We continue to work at the orphanage and school in Kenya to improve the facilities. In the last post we told you how Diego's day to day was being and how his work was going. The children's room was very advanced and the walls had to dry to give the last layers and be able to paint them. The exterior walls have already been painted and the interior ones will be painted these days, the weather has not been very good in recent weeks. It has been raining, which has made it difficult for

Since the last post we published in Tumaini, Diego has continued working on the improvement works at the Nairobi orphanage and the results are already beginning to be seen! The improvements have started in the children's room with the bioconstruction system. The walls of the children's room are almost ready! On July 7 we finished filling them with mud and straw. Afterwards, we had to wait a bit to apply the plasters (a mixture of earth, lime and straw to smooth the walls completely).

Diego with boys and girls from the orphanageAt the beginning of June, Diego traveled to Nairobi to carry out improvement works at the orphanage and the school with which we collaborate. After we successfully completed the crowdfunding campaign in Tumaini and the Training Express company donated 3,000 euros for these works, we decided to look for a person specialized in bioconstruction to improve the facilities in the most sustainable way possible. Everything in Kenya is very different and this kind of construction is still very

Post by Almu and Mónica (Tumaini) Last November we started a crowdfunding campaign to improve the facilities of the orphanage and school with which we collaborate in Nairobi (Kenya). Our goal was 4,000 euros that were going to be used to finish a water well and improve the bathrooms for the boys and girls at the center. This campaign ended yesterday, January 10, and we almost got 5,000 euros. We have no words to thank all the people who have contributed in one way or another to this improvement. Children and

We celebrate our first Solidarity Cane. It will be next Saturday, December 12 at Liber Arte (Lavapiés neighborhood). Join a different afternoon with Tumaini! It is a great time to learn more about the Tumaini team and people who have already traveled with us. We will do it at Liber Arte, a bar from the Lavapiés neighborhood, where many social and solidarity activities are carried out, so there is no better place to spend an afternoon full of anecdotes and adventures. Part of what is consumed will go to the Orphanage and

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