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Women Empowerment in India: A Journey to Equality India is a fascinating country that captivates with its rich culture, millennia-old history and exquisite cuisine. However, behind the beauty and charm of this country, hide the complex and challenging realities that women face in their search for equality and empowerment. Fortunately, there are organizations and projects that are doing amazing work. After several months of work, Tumaini has added a new women's empowerment project to her list.

Nuria's experience travelling in a group and discovering Kenya in a responsible way. Fear of travelling alone, of not knowing how to get along in a country new to you, of messing up, of wanting to go back home because you feel you are out of your comfort zone. Who hasn't felt like that at some point? As they say, everything in life has a solution, so at Tumaini we decided to give solidarity group travel combined with responsible tourism a chance to get to know the country.

Belén with her daughter Claudia, 16, and one of the girls in the project.Seven years ago, Belén Conesa promised her nephew a solidarity trip. In 2017, the nephew turned 15 and Belén kept her promise. She travelled with him and her 16-year-old daughter to . They learned together that "with very little you can be happy" and the experience brought them even closer together.Why did you decide to go on a solidarity trip to Kenya? Because it was a gift promised to my nephew 7 years earlier. I had

Monica traveled to Kenya with her partner, Ale, to collaborate in the training center for girls with which we work. She tells us about her experience full of anecdotes, laughter, dancing and happiness!" We arrived tired after a flight where we barely slept a wink. Upon arrival, Edwina (the center's coordinator) was waiting for us at the airport. She is sweetness personified! Hence we went to exchange local currency. Traffic in Nairobi is crazy so we spent quite a bit of time in the car before reaching the project. The chaos of

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