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Integral Education Centre

  We are excited to share inspiring stories like the one of Anna who, after returning from her solidarity trip in Bolivia, something clicked in her and led her to undertake the same project in Spain. One of the most beautiful things about our work is to see how solidarity trips become transformational experiences for volunteers, generating an incredible impact around them, which is experienced both on a personal and professional level. Here is Anna's inspiring first-person account of her experience: Good afternoon, I am Anna Campo. Psychologist who

Mercè in the Bolivia project with young people with disabilities. Many people think that solidarity trips are "young people's stuff". Or that volunteering with children with disabilities "is too hard". Mercè had the courage, the desire and the solidarity to face these obstacles. At the age of 55, she collaborated through Tumaini with the Centre of Integral Therapies for children with disabilities in Bolivia. Her assessment? "These trips bring you back to reality. Don't miss her interview!

Marina is a physiotherapist in Malaga, Spain, and she decided to use her knowledge and experience to help others. A few months ago, she decided to use her knowledge and experience to help others. She travelled to Bolivia to volunteer in two NGOs that offer therapy and support to children and young people with different abilities.What tasks did you carry out as a volunteer in Bolivia as a physiotherapist? I collaborated in both projects at the same time, so I went to both centres every day. In the morning, I went to the integral education centre from 9am to 12.30pm.

Ana Elisa "left her mark" on the Bolivia projectAna Elisa is a psychologist and knew that her profile was very valuable in NGOs working with people with different abilities. Especially in Bolivia, where disability is still a taboo around which there are many prejudices. For a month in September 2017, she volunteered with young people with cerebral palsy, language difficulties, etc. What surprised her most? "The enthusiasm, strength and happiness of these people".in Bolivia you collaborated with two different projects that

Carlos is an educator and has worked for a month at the integral education centre we support in Cochabamaba (Bolivia). There he worked with students with different disabilities and with the centre's staff. He himself tells us about his experience: "It has been a very enriching experience and I have felt very loved and valued. I volunteered from Monday to Friday during school hours, which are from 08:30 to 12:00; I also went to the centre some afternoons, but not all of them, to help my colleagues with their work.

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