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Cape Verde

Neskuts' experience collaborating on our environmental project in Pokhara Pokhara: An oasis of peace at the foot of the Himalayas Pokhara, Nepal's second largest city, stands like an oasis of peace at the foot of the majestic Himalayas. Surrounded by emerald green hills and bathed by the crystal clear waters of Phewa Lake, Pokhara offers a natural retreat for those seeking to escape the hustle and bustle and connect with nature. A paradise for the adventurous, for trekkers and adventure seekers. Trekking trails start from here

Social Entrepreneurship through the SDGs: a transformative opportunity for teachers and students In the world of education, social entrepreneurship has emerged as a powerful tool for instilling values, fostering creativity and, most importantly, contributing to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). For teachers committed to inspiring their students to be agents of global change, the SDG-based approach to social entrepreneurship can be extraordinarily valuable. At Tumaini, we have been guiding and supporting

Why Cape Verde? Paloma, a Tumaini volunteer, tells us about her experience living in the country of the morabeza. Sometimes it happens. An experience changes you. A country. Its realities. Paloma has been living in Cape Verde for a few months now and collaborating in a project that made her leave everything behind in Spain. In these small islands of the Atlantic Ocean, she has started a new page of her life and we are very happy that Tumaini is being part of this transforming process. Do you want to know how it all came about and how she is doing? She tells you 😊 My story Hi! I'm

What is it like to make a solidarity group trip with Responsible Tourism? If you're looking for a unique and enriching way to explore new destinations while making a positive difference to local communities and the environment, you're in the right place. In this post, we take you by the hand through the amazing experience of taking a solidarity group trip with Responsible Tourism. By travelling in a group, your impact is multiplied. At Tumaini, we believe in the power of small groups to make a big impact. Our solidarity trips are

The transformative power of a solidarity trip: Altea's letter to the family of the NGO DE Katmandu. "Dear HKH family, It is so complicated if not impossible to describe in words the ocean of experiences, emotions and feelings that have bathed every moment of this experience. Landing in Kathmandu, passing through the airport gates and seeing Nyima and Tendel waiting for us with so much excitement made tears of happiness well up in my eyes. Happiness that, thanks to each and every one of you, I have been able to feel in its most intense state.

Discover the real impact of a solidarity trip on the NGO we work with in Mombasa. "It is a pleasure for the centre to welcome Tumaini volunteers" This is the beginning of the letter written to us by Ken, local coordinator of the NGO we collaborate with in Mombasa. It is important for the project to have people around who care and love the children, something fundamental for their growth and development. The NGO plays a fundamental role in the rescue, rehabilitation and

Solidarity trip in Cape Verde - Chelo's experience Are you thinking of doing a solidarity trip in Cape Verde? If so, keep reading :) They say that when you set foot on the African continent, a little piece of you stays there. The sensations that stir your body on a daily basis remain engraved in your mind forever. Uncertainty and emotion accompany many of the people who dare to travel based on respect and solidarity. The key is to embrace from the heart all the

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