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June 2023

Discover 5 curiosities about the turtles of the coast of Oaxaca, Mexico The coast of Oaxaca, in Mexico, is a natural treasure where sea turtles find their home. These fascinating and majestic creatures have been around for millions of years and play a vital role in the marine ecosystem. At Tumaini we started working a couple of years ago with a special project in Puerto Escondido that invites you to immerse yourself in the world of turtles and be part of the efforts to protect them and preserve their habitat. Today you

Women Empowerment in India: A Journey to Equality India is a fascinating country that captivates with its rich culture, millennia-old history and exquisite cuisine. However, behind the beauty and charm of this country, hide the complex and challenging realities that women face in their search for equality and empowerment. Fortunately, there are organizations and projects that are doing amazing work. After several months of work, Tumaini has added a new women's empowerment project to her list.

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