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The 7 apps that cannot be missing on your next trip

The 7 apps that cannot be missing on your next trip

The 7 apps that cannot be missing on your next trip


Are you preparing your next travel adventure? We know how exciting it is to start organizing a trip from scratch. At Tumaini we always help our travelers prepare a practical and sustainable backpack or suitcase to leave a positive mark on the destination they visit.

For some time we had pending to share the applications that we use frequently when we travel. They are useful and have "saved" us on more than one occasion. Like it or not, technology is advancing rapidly and it is becoming easier to plan and enjoy our adventures thanks to mobile applications.

Take a look at our 7 favorite apps so you can enjoy your next trip.


Google Translate

With this application you can translate words, phrases and entire sentences from one language to another in real time. In addition, Google Translate has a camera function that allows you to point and translate text in real time by simply pointing your camera at whatever text you need to translate. This makes it much easier to communicate in a foreign country and avoid misunderstandings or awkward situations.


map me

Our favourite! The maps and navigation app that allows you to explore and navigate without an internet connection. Once downloaded, you can use it anywhere in the world no need to have a connection of data. We find it very useful because it has a large amount of information about places of interest, restaurants, hotels, transport stations and much more, which will allow you to plan your trips more effectively.



We love the well-known flight search app because it helps you search and compare flight prices in different airlines and travel agencies. Also, you can configure alerts to receive notifications about changes in the prices of the flights that interest you. The app also allows you to compare prices on different days and months to find the cheapest flight possible.


pack point

Without a doubt, it is the best app to prepare the personalized packing list for your next trips. It's very convenient, you enter the destination, travel dates, planned activities and other important details, and the application will automatically generate a list of items that you might need to pack. You can too personalize your packing list according to your personal preferences and the number of days you will be traveling. It is very useful to avoid forgetting important objects, to be more efficient and say goodbye to stress



A travel app that helps you Plan your travel route by public or private transport. We love being able to see all the transport options from anywhere to any destination in the world with just one click and compare prices and schedules for flights, trains, buses, ferries and car rentals. It also allows you to book tickets directly from the application in some cases.



The currency converter that allows you convert different currencies in real time. This helps you better understand the costs of your foreign currency transactions during your travels. In addition, the app also provides you with historical exchange rate information, currency trend charts, and market news updates, helping you make informed decisions about your foreign currency transactions. If you plan to travel to a country with a different currency than yours, you need to download it to help you conduct foreign currency transactions effectively.



We discovered this app a few months ago and we couldn't like it more. It is ideal for organize your trips, including inspirational ideas, itinerary planning, experience bookings and Information gathering during the trip itself. It allows you to record your trips, both those made and those planned, including photographs, curiosities and details that may be useful to other members of the community.


Shall we help you organize your next solidarity trip?

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