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This was the Tumaini Meeting in Madrid. Next stop Barcelona!

This was the Tumaini Meeting in Madrid. Next stop Barcelona!

This was the Tumaini Meeting in Madrid. Next stop Barcelona!


Last Saturday 28th January we celebrated the first Tumani Meeting in person after the pandemic had passed. During the meeting we presented ourselves as an NGO with values and commitments focused on areas such as preserving the environment and biodiversity and promoting education in the countries of the South. Our goal remains firm: to be part of the sustainable development of the small local NGOs in Africa, Asia and South America that we work with.

The meeting was attended by Tumaini volunteers who have taken part in the many and varied projects. The most outstanding destinations and projects were:

Cape Verde helping women through the establishment of the circular economy by recycling fishing nets to create various items such as bags.
- Kenya, with the women's empowerment project, the care of babies or children in precarious situations.
- Nepal: participating in the development of the eco-farm in Pokhara or the project to help Tibetans in the Dolpo region.
- Thailand and Cambodia: highlighting rescue and relief work for animals such as elephants.
- Mexico: paying special attention to the preservation of sea turtles.



For all of them, it was a gift to be able to listen to their experiences, reflecting the meaning and importance of solidarity travel. Moreover, these solidarity trips allowed them to experience transformation by opening up to new ways of seeing and conceiving life, to accept new cultures and customs and above all to be surprised and amazed by the people and the projects in order to open their hearts to new realities.

We managed to make the attendees connect and empathise with the experiences of the volunteers, creating a feeling of togetherness that could be felt from the first moment. Both the volunteers and the audience created a space full of peace and tranquility where they could connect and chat about the different projects and share unique moments, creating an unforgettable community.

Thank you very much to everyone who took part. See you soon in...



You don't know how much we've been looking forward to announcing it 😊 Just before the pandemic, in March 2020, we had to cancel the Tumaini Meeting in Barcelona in which we had put so much love and enthusiasm. It seems unbelievable, but after 3 years, we are finally going to make it happen.

It will take place on Wednesday 22 March from 18:30 to 20:00h at the Altaïr bookshop (Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 616, 08007 Barcelona). Free registration here

The aim is to solve the doubts of those people who have always wanted to make a solidarity trip, but do not know where to start. In addition to the presentation of the Tumaini team, at the meetings several volunteers will share their experiences in countries such as Kenya, Cape Verde and Peru.

We are waiting for you!

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