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The transformative power of a solidarity trip: Altea's letter to the Kathmandu NGO family

The transformative power of a solidarity trip: Altea's letter to the Kathmandu NGO family

The transformative power of a solidarity trip: Altea's letter to the family of the NGO DE Katmandu.


"Dear HKH family,

It is difficult, if not impossible, to describe in words the ocean of experiences, emotions and feelings that have permeated every moment of this experience. Landing in KathmanduWhen we passed through the airport gates and saw Nyima and Tendel waiting for us with such enthusiasm, tears of happiness welled up in my eyes. Happiness that, thanks to each and every one of you, I have been able to feel in its purest state. Happiness that crosses the frontiers of space and time, engraving an indelible mark of memories in my mind and in my heart. Memories that will become the most precious treasure not only at the end of this journey, but also of our lives.

As a pianist, I appreciate what a simple key can do, how something so small can become the key to a sensational melody. Life is our masterpiece, from birth to death. It is made up of as many melodies as life experiences, each one offering us magical people, lessons, ideas, thoughts and values. On this occasion, each of you has brought a unique brushstroke of wisdom, kindness and art to the canvas of my life.

Since our paths crossed for the first time, I have been eternally grateful for your unconditional kindness, humanity and light that can illuminate even the darkest room. Being with you has embraced the depths of my heart and soul.. You are wonderful, highly intelligent human beings, and the very different talents you each possess make you special and unique in this world.

Perhaps the word that best describes what I feel for you is admiration. Admiration for your magic, capable of making countless dreams come true. Admiration for having taught us to recover so many values that our complex society seems to forget. For the power you have to make us grow as people and positively change not only the way we conceive the world but also our lives and our purpose in life. I admire the way you look after and protect each other. And above all, for the discipline, illusion, passion and enthusiasm that you transmit in everything you do.

I will miss Kathmandu, a city that grabs you. A labyrinth of streets where chaos and harmony converge in equal parts. I will miss the roar of the planes, the fervour of the rain falling on the roof, the eyes of Boudha. I will miss Komang, which although I have not visited it, I have felt very close to it thanks to you all this time. However, I will miss you the most. Your looks that, without the need for words, convey so much. Your good morning and good evening in all languages. Your laughter and that of little Yang. The sounds of bugs that make you feel at home in the jungle. The peace and the touching atmosphere you create during your prayers. Seeing your excited faces watching Ashoka. And without a doubt, listening to Nyima, her wisdom, genuine kindness and how happy and fortunate her company makes you feel.

Dear family, I wish you a promising futurewhere you will make all your dreams come true, where you will be happy and share that precious happiness with all those who walk beside you".

You too can be part of this project and offer your solidarity, knowledge and love to do your bit. Traveling in solidarity is transformative.

Write to us and we will make it happen

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