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Discover the real impact of a solidarity trip on the NGO we work with in Mombasa.

Discover the real impact of a solidarity trip on the NGO we work with in Mombasa.

Discover the real impact of a solidarity trip in the NGO with which we collaborate in Mombasa.


"It is a pleasure for the center to receive the volunteers from Tumaini" This is how the letter written to us by Ken, the local coordinator of the NGO we collaborate with in Mombasa. For the project it is important to have people around who care and love the children, something essential for their growth and development.

The NGO plays a fundamental role in the rescue, rehabilitation and reintegration of street children in Mombasa. The center was founded in 1993 and runs the following programs: medical care, educational and psychological support for resident boys and girls, as well as professional training for young people and outings called "outreaching activities" aimed at strengthening homes and communities. communities.


Volunteers are involved in activities focused on improving the well-being of the children living in the center. These activities include: work in the orchard and gardens of the center, educational support with homework and extracurricular activities for boys and girls. In addition, they are made activities of kitchen: Through the introduction of new recipes and cooking methods, on the one hand, the quality of the children's meals is improved and, on the other, it serves to generate new techniques for young people in professional training. are also performed outreach activities where the volunteers together with the social workers of the center carry out different activities aimed at strengthening the homes that live in the Mwakirunge dump and the streets of Mombasa county.

The events become very moving, influencing in different ways both for the volunteers and for the little ones. It is uncomfortable for anyone to accept what they get to see during these activities. It is incredible to see how children and entire families feed on piles of waste and sewage.

Volunteers are moved by these scenarios and always want to do more to make a change in the lives of these families.


Narmín, one of the last volunteers, has really enjoyed it with the boys and girls. It was sad for everyone to see her leave as she built a very strong bond with both the children and the center staff. In the project, she was able to support the enrollment of the boys and girls in formal education and also taught English to the 4th and 5th graders in their first week, since they were on vacation. Narmín, together with the other volunteer Marta, sponsored an outreach activity at the Mwakirunge dump in which the boys and girls of the area were able to get a meal and a medical check-up that involved cleaning and dressing wounds.

On the other hand, Marta has found a place aligned with her interests. He spends time on the farm with other staff clearing land, digging and planting vegetables that are used in the children's meals. Being a lover of music choirs, she spends her afternoons teaching new songs and listening to the little ones sing in the choir.



The center's program, projects and activities of the organization are aligned with some of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. 

Outreach activities are aimed at strengthening households and economic empowerment that aims to SDG No: 1- End poverty by eradicating poverty for all people everywhere. These activities involve families living on the streets of Mombasa and those in the Mwakirunge landfill, which are places where WEMA projects take place.

On the other hand, agricultural activities ensure sustainable food production systems and implement resilient agricultural practices that increase productivity and production which in turn help maintain good nutrition practices. In this way, it contributes to SDG No: 2- End hunger.

The provision of good medical care for children makes it possible to achieve the SDG No: 3-Good Health and Well-being

Finally, educational support for boys and girls from the basic level to higher education achieves the SDG No: 4 – Quality education for all.

You too can be part of this project and offer your solidarity, knowledge and love to do your bit. Traveling in solidarity is transformative.

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