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"Children are born with wings, and teachers help them to fly" - Narmín's experience in Peru

"Children are born with wings, and teachers help them to fly" - Narmín's experience in Peru

“Children are born with wings, and teachers help them fly” – Narmín's experience in Peru

Vocational educator, tireless traveler and adventurer. This is Narmín Chabaan, a girl who loves sports, meditation and leading a healthy lifestyle, but above all she is fascinated by being a participant in solidarity projects, actively fighting to create a better world and spreading that desire to others. When he contacted Tumaini for the first time, he shared his main objective for which he had chosen Tumaini: "I love spending time with wonderful beings of light such as children, educating them in an environment of love and affection where they can feel safe and protected. heard and loved"


Today we share the wonderful experience of Narmín during 6 months in one of the projects with which we collaborate in Peru, the Ecovillage located in the heart of the Sacred Valley, a tiny educational project with outdoor activities and linked to nature.

Narmin's story with Tumaini has been simmering for a long time. We had spoken on several occasions because his profile was perfectly adjusted to the needs of our educational projects. Like all volunteers, it was time for him to take the plunge and do what he had been thinking about for years. On September 4, he packed his bags and flew to the Sacred Valley of the Incas, Peru! And there began an unforgettable adventure and experience that lasted 6 months.

His work at the school was to coordinate the project and therefore the children and the volunteers; carry out and organize the weekly program of activities and contents in the school; conduct meetings with volunteers and the director; manage social networks; search for volunteers; and of course work as a teacher and take care of the little ones.



“It is very difficult for me to express in words everything that I lived there. For me it was synonymous with many things. I achieved a challenge that I had proposed a few years ago; do only what fills my soul, what my heart tells me I have to do or where I have to go. Something that I have been practicing since then and it only brings me peace, serenity and brings more love to my life” 

Narmín was able to share his knowledge and work experience as a teacher for more than 15 years, in this small school, dedicating all his time to the children. The attention, the active listening, the laughter, the games... endless unforgettable adventures. Offer them that much-needed love so they can learn to manage their emotions, gain confidence and security.

“I am excited to remember how I organized the first workshops, games and classes together with the volunteers. Review in my mind step by step his progress, how I managed to win his trust, his hugs and kisses, his smiles and sincere words "


We know that the most beautiful and enriching part of this experience is being able to share everyday life together, seeing them with their families, in their homes, with their friends, running around and playing in the river or in the street. We are glad that this wonderful trip has been an incredible lesson for Narmín. Our volunteer returns home with a backpack full of learning, stronger, relaxed and with clear ideas. She confessed to us that during her stay she thought she was going to fail, that she wouldn't be up to the task, but it's strange how the little ones made her feel that everything was fine, that nothing was wrong, somehow they also protected her.


Now it's your turn, do you want to experience firsthand all the emotions that Narmín has felt in this volunteering?


Write to us at and let's start preparing for this life-changing adventure that will change many people's lives and yours too.

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