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Solidarity trip to Cape Verde - Chelo's experience

Solidarity trip to Cape Verde - Chelo's experience

Solidarity trip to Cape Verde - Chelo's experience


Are you thinking of going on a solidarity trip to Cape Verde? If so, then read on 🙂


They say that when you set foot on the African continent a little piece of you stays there. The sensations that stir your body every day are engraved in your mind forever.

Uncertainty and excitement accompany many of the people who take the plunge into the travelling with respect and solidarity. The key is to embrace from the heart all the experiences that arise along the way. You are about to discover realities that are far away and that you have not had the opportunity to see in first person until now.

Chelo made a solidarity trip to Cape Verde last September. For 1 month she was supporting two of our projects in Praia: Castelao and Achada Grande.

Why did you decide to make a solidarity trip to Cape Verde?

CheloFor a long time I had wanted to live this experience but for one reason or another I never dared to take the plunge. In May I got my hands on the Tumaini and Marina's phone number, after reading it over and over again and being amazed, I decided to call her. She would be in Extremadura in June and we arranged to meet to talk. Listening to her talk about the project, about Cape Verde with so much passion, emotion and affection... made me feel that my doubts had disappeared and the decision was made. This was my moment and Cape Verde was the place.

What was it like discovering a completely new country, culture and way of life for you?

CheloThe time came to prepare for the trip and, hand in hand with it, came fear and uncertainty. I was going to Africa, a continent I am passionate about with a different way of life Would I be able to adapt? How would I experience it? My head was a sea of doubts.

For the first few days I remained expectant and observant of everything that was going on around me. Little by little I felt more comfortable and confident thanks to that wonderful, generous, welcoming people who made me feel at home. Always with such joy despite the constant struggle of raising their families, always with music in their lives....

The days went by very quickly but they were lived very intensely. Every moment in Cape Verde has remained in my memory as a photo that I will never erase from my memories.

What moment of the trip marked you the most?

Chelo: What has marked me the most is the day to day life with my little elves, that's what I like to call them. Your smiles, affection, love, gentleness have made those moments with him unforgettable, bringing out the best in me and an immense happiness. It was incredible to see how they took care of each other and how they shared with each other and with me what little they had. Day by day they gave you great lessons in humanity that made me reflect before going to sleep.

Would you recommend this experience to people who are thinking about it?

Chelo: Of course I would recommend this experience if you really want to do it. Because enriches you on a personal level and fills you with unique moments. with the children, their people, Tumaini's collaborators and other volunteers.

Do you think travelling with Tumaini changes lives?

Chelo: For me it has not meant a radical change in my lifestyle. But I can say that with your help I have experienced a incredible experience that has opened a door to another way of travelling and getting to know other countries, cultures, lifestyles and at the same time collaborating and cooperating with the community..
This trip has been a challenge on a personal level and it has also helped me to to let go of my fears that sometimes makes us forget that anything is possible.

Thank you very much for opening your heart and telling us about your experience of solidarity in Cape Verde.
And you, the future responsible traveller, we encourage you to experience it first hand from the 3 to 12 December. The group is almost closed, there are very few places left.
Not to be missed! 💛


Would you like to go on a solidarity trip?

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