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Tibetan culture and its secrets of happiness


Tibetan culture and its secrets of happiness

Tibetan culture and its secrets of happiness


We share four keys from Tibetan culture that can help you to be happier.


The Tibetan cultureone of the most geographically isolated cultures in the world, may contain the secrets about happiness that we all seek.

The Tibetan people have become guardians of a tradition of deep and well-preserved wisdomThe country's remote location and an unbroken lineage of oral knowledge and technical expertise in both medicine and psychology may in part be due to the country's remote location.

"According to the study Ipsos Global Happiness 2020Only 38% of Spaniards claim to be "fairly happy", figures that show that more than half of the population of our country lives immersed in unhappiness or resignation. A percentage that, moreover, has increased especially over the last year as a result of the health and social crisis caused by COVID-19".

To celebrate the LosarOn the most important day of the year, we have a gift for you:


We share four keys from Tibetan culture that can help you to be happier.


1- Work your mind 

We need two main things to be happy, according to Tibetan culture: mindfulness and compassion. The theory says that the combination of mindfulness and compassion, which can be built through contemplative practices such as meditationcan help bring the brain to support the development of a higher state of awareness, overcome negative thoughts and begin to live from a calmer, more centred place.


Meditation on a solidarity trip


Reduced anxiety, stress, loneliness and depression, and increased emotional well-being.


2- Practice compassion 

Most Eastern spiritual traditions involve some form of practice around compassion. In the Tibetan tradition, monks practise the tonglenwhich consists of to inhale suffering and exhale happiness, to reduce pain and spread peace among all beings on the planet.


Increased empathy and increased positive emotions.


3- Create community 

Community is an important element of living a happy and purposeful life. Increasing your happiness and well-being is difficult to do alone. It requires the support and love from others and a sense of belonging to a community.


Lower stress levels and greater longevity.

4- Don't be afraid of death

In Western cultures, our attitude towards death is largely characterised by fear and denial, and this can, consciously or unconsciously, cause a great deal of suffering throughout our lives. A central aspect of Tibetan culture is the belief that death should be accepted and the concept that dying can be the "great achievement" of a life well lived.


Reduction of suffering


The Tibetan people have been applying these four keys for centuriesThe culture of the people, a compilation of the wisdom of countless generations, is a very intrinsic part of their culture, and happiness is therefore an intrinsic part of it.


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Tibetan culture and happiness

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