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"Travelling with Tumaini was a click" - Eva in Kenya

NGO Mombasa, Kenya

"Travelling with Tumaini was a click" - Eva in Kenya

We share with you the learning experience of one of our volunteers, Eva Vilachá. She travelled to Kenya in 2018 and since then she looks at life with different eyes. She had the opportunity to learn in the field, immerse herself in a new culture, connect with realities that sometimes escape us...

Can you imagine being able to do all this from your sofa? We know that we will travel in solidarity again but we don't know when, that's why we've created a Experiential Course on SDGs and Social and Solidarity Entrepreneurship because we know that this training can also change your life.


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"Travelling with Tumaini was a click. My mind clicked when I got back from Kenya, specifically from a Tumaini's child rescue centre on the coast of Mombasa. After that moment I started to question many of my behaviours and habits. And I started to be more critical, ethical and sustainable with myself and with others.

NGO in Mombasa, Kenya

                                                  NGO in Mombasa, Kenya

I studied a postgraduate course in International Development Cooperation, the biggest step I have taken so far in the Third Sector, and now if I am asked 'why go on a solidarity trip' I say that in my case I was lucky to cross paths with the Tumaini team.

Voluntourism is a controversial topic. Volunteers do not always behave well when they travel and it can be counterproductive for everyone. And although I wasn't aware of it at the time, they were, and first of all they told me about the usual bad practices of volunteers on these trips (and luckily also about the good ones). Being aware of this made me open my eyes and correct myself before travelling and, above all, once I was there. It is easy to fall into the "tourist clichés" and being made aware of this has not only helped me in Kenya, but also on all the trips I have made since, and it is something that has stayed with me forever. To be more critical of myself and my circle, and to always try to make sure that everyone let's travel sustainably. I am really lucky to learn this thanks to Tumaini.

Educational support NGO Mombasa, Kenya

                                    Educational support NGO Mombasa, Kenya

From the beginning, what I liked the most is that they collaborate with few projects, but all of them they know perfectly, as they say that "quality is better than quantity". And collaborating for them is not only economic, although I certainly believe that it is also an important part, but for them collaborating is also sharing, it is respect, it is being an equal, it is listening and they transmit this to you.

This is a little piece of my experience. I know I haven't told you much about what I experienced there, although in the photos that accompany this you can see a little of how positive it was, but I wanted to tell you what I learned the most, an apprenticeship that has changed part of my life"



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