Equine therapy

Anna's inspirational story behind her solidarity trip to Bolivia

Equine therapy

Anna's inspirational story behind her solidarity trip to Bolivia


We are excited to share inspiring stories like Anna's who, after returning from her solidarity trip in Bolivia, something clicked on her and led her to undertake the same project in Spain. One of the most beautiful things about our work is seeing how solidarity trips become transformative experiences for volunteers, generating an incredible impact around us, which is experienced both personally and professionally. Here we leave you this inspiring experience of Anna told in the first person:


Good afternoon,


I'm Anna Campo. Psychologist who volunteered at Bolivia through Tumaini. I collaborated on two projects, a comprehensive education center and in the equine therapy center. At the beginning of November of this year 2020 it will be 3 years since I returned from that experience.


After the return there were several changes in my life and one of them was thanks to the experience I had in the equine therapy project. At one point, I decided that I wanted to start a project like this here in my city. I got in touch with several equestrian centers until after several failed attempts I managed to contact one that was interested. They had been launching equine therapy for some time, but the psychologist they counted on was leaving, so I accepted the proposal and decided to take over the project, together with a new colleague, a pediatric physiotherapist who is also passionate about the world of therapies. assisted with horses. 


Currently she and I run an equine therapy project here, we offer services for children with functional diversity, emotional and/or behavioral disorders and at risk of social exclusion. I contacted various media to give visibility to horse-assisted therapy. We got several interviews in different media and a video report for the Post.


All of this wouldn't be part of my life if I hadn't embarked on the adventure. At a time in my life when I felt the need to take a break, invest in what made me happy and fulfill my dream, which was; collaborate on a project in a foreign country. There I found what today makes me smile. Thanks to that experience, my life literally changed, because thanks to it I was convinced that it was possible to fight for what I wanted, for what really moves me. Today I am lucky (after a lot of work) to be able to work on what I like. I consider myself lucky to be able to say that I am in love with my work and it is partly thanks to that experience, thanks to Tumaini.


If I had not gone, perhaps I would not have known about the project and perhaps I would never have considered that what I dreamed of as a child could exist, since as a child when I began to have contact with horses, someone would have told me that it would be possible to work helping people with functional diversity and at the same time with horses, I would not have believed him, and yet here I am. 


Now my week is divided, some days I attend to my patients in the office and other days I work in the middle of nature with horses and children. 


I am writing to thank you for creating Tumaini, thank you for making it easy for all of us who want to collaborate in any way possible, thank you for helping to change lives.

A hug, 


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