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June 2020

María Andrés is a social educator and last February she travelled to India to connect with a hitherto unknown culture. She wanted to take advantage of this trip to support the NGO with which we collaborate in Varanasi, where training and work is offered in a Fair Trade workshop to women from low castes and with few resources. Find out what her experience was like 😊 This is the first time you have volunteered internationally. Why did you decide to live an experience like this? Yes, I had never experienced anything like it before. I needed to get out of the

They say that when you leave Kenya a little piece of you stays there, that a sense of sadness accompanies you leaving this place and that the smiles you see are etched on your retina for life. At the beginning, before the trip, you may be accompanied by fear and uncertainty about the unknown, as well as an unexpected accumulation of unknown emotions because we are going to a place with a totally different reality, with different experiences and with a way of seeing life that is very different from our own.

  We are excited to share inspiring stories like the one of Anna who, after returning from her solidarity trip in Bolivia, something clicked in her and led her to undertake the same project in Spain. One of the most beautiful things about our work is to see how solidarity trips become transformational experiences for volunteers, generating an incredible impact around them, which is experienced both on a personal and professional level. Here is Anna's inspiring first-person account of her experience: Good afternoon, I am Anna Campo. Psychologist who

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